Zombie Puns are Dead Funny - but unfortuantely this film isn't!

Little Monsters (2019) – Comedy, Horror

Now, as we know I am a complete wimp when it comes to Zombie films, but the trailer for this film was incredibly well done put together and it looked hysterically funny and even with my nervous disposition I reckoned I could manage it.

And to be fair, it wasn’t that horrific, as one soldier points out, the zombies are that slow moving that even a line of children with their eyes closed can skip through them, heck I reckon if they kept going, they could have waltz all the way to safety! There is a fair amount of blood and gore as you would expect, and necks being ripped open and out happen. What I did like was that with the amount of kids on set, they filmed these scenes in such a way that the children weren’t actually there to see it, or you’d hope they weren’t. There was some very well timed cut away scenes.

Anyway, to the story, Dave (Alexander England) is a want-to-be musician who is a bit of a d@ck to his ex-girlfriend, his sister Tess (Kat Stewart) who kindly takes him in and his nephew Felix. In fact, he’s pretty much a Richard for the whole film and I couldn’t bring myself to root for him, even when he’s going through his so-called redemption parts. He ends up going on a school trip to Zombie Farm, well to a farm that’s next to a secret military Science lab(because that’s where you’d put a secret military science lab dealing with zombie viruses – obviously!) because he fancies his nephews teacher – Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o).

When they are there, they meet children’s entertainer Teddy McGiggle, a child’s hero but unsurprisingly behind the fun mask is a douche bag, a coward and a complete and utter Male Chicken. To be honest, if it wasn’t for the kids and their teacher, I’d have been rooting for the bittey ones from the start. They were actually more sympathetic than the majority of characters.

The humour is pretty much shown in the trailer and apart from the moment when Miss Caroline shows what happens if you threaten a teacher’s class – being a Primary Teacher myself, I cheered her mazy run through the shambling drooling toothsome fiends, there is not that much to cheer for.

Lupita Nyong’o is excellent as the teacher with a sharp shovel and shines in this otherwise pretty dire film. A slow rambling, annoyingly filled with characters acting like male members, a 5/20 and all 5 are for Miss Nyong’o.

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