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Toy Story 4 – Animation, Adventure, Comedy

So, I have been saving this film and waiting to watch it on Disney + as this series of films will always hold a special place in my heart. I vaguely remember bunking out of school with Dave to go and watch the first one back in the Canon cinema in Romford. Shell loves these as well, so we went into this in trepidation of our memories being ruined in this so called last film of the series! All the old favourites are here but this is Woody’s story, Buzz takes more of a back seat and if you want to be entertained by Slinky Dog, Mr Potato Head and Rex, then go and re-watch the first three films. However, the new recruits are fantastic, Ducky and Bunny, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are hysterical and they are backed up by Keanu Reeves Duke Caboom, the coolest man since a certain famous stunt bike rider, all dressed in white! Ally Maki’s Giggle McDimples is a tiny but vital ingredient in the laughs! And Annie Potts is back with Bo Peeps, and rightly so as she needed a proper send off. The story is pure Toy Story schmaltz. Bonnie creates a new friend, Forky and due to his identity crisis, him and Woody go off on adventures whilst everyone else is holding the fort down! There is a toy who could be considered evil with some really terrifying Hench dolls. There’s love, sadness, regrets, action, fun and some brilliant one-liners. But for me it is the new character who steal the show. This wraps up the series nicely and gives the happy ending everyone deserves. But for me it does sell the toys we’ve known and loved for 25 years short shrift and seems to be setting up a spin off for the new characters, I really hope this isn’t the case. A great way to spend an afternoon, entertaining and funny, hopefully a lovely closure to a modern day fairy-tale. 14/20 army soldier’s worth of fun from me (I missed them little green guys!).

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