What does Elton John say to mediocre jokes? It’s a little bit funny...

Rocketman (2019) – Biography, Drama, Musical

This is a tricky one to review, I was not that interested to begin with, but Shell really wanted to watch it, so it was a Sunday afternoon film choice. I think the cast is excellent and it is directed by Spike from Press Gang/Babyface from Bugsy Malone, so I was very happy with that. Elton John has never floated my boat, he is undoubtably talented and has some great songs, but as a person and a story – it is just not something I ever thought about.

Taron Egerton is amazing as Elton John, he is a such a talented actor and now singer, he really does seem to shine when he is acting in a biography(he made Eddie the Eagle a superb film as well), he really throws himself into the roles. Jamie Bell is also fantastic, he is one of the most underrated actors in my opinion and the friendship between Elton John and Bernie Taupin was brought to life by these two and shows what a special relationship these two have and no wonder they produced some of the classic tunes of the last 40 years. Bryce Dallas Howard is also amazing as his mother and completely unrecognisable, she is also one of my favourite actresses, so the casting is perfect for me.

Mr John’s story is also really interesting and shows how sad the man really was in those early days and how he has changed his life and turned his fortune around. It is the story of bravery, desperation, being an ass, but being vulnerable, the story of someone who had the world to offer, he just needed the people around him to do just that. And I am very happy for Mr John that he has a wonderful family and friends now.

Though I’m not a huge fan, the film reminded me of what great songs Bernie Taupin wrote and Elton John put to music.

However, the film takes some every weird turns when the music starts and they go into this fantasy land, I’m not sure if that is Dexter Fletcher’s direction of Elton John’s influence, but for me it took something away from the film and the story rather than add to it.

It is worth a watch but for me, once is enough and though enjoyable it is not great. If you love Elton John, I am sure you’ll really enjoy this. However, if like me you aren’t a fan but were interested in a film with a great cast which could tell a good story, then… you know what I really don’t know what to say, I enjoyed it but not a great deal. If you’re bored give it a go. A 10/20 from me.

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