What do you call a shrub growing underwater? A shrub-marine

Underwater (2019) – Action, Sci-Fi, Horror

Okay, what is going on with me, this is the second Kristen Stewart film I’ve watched recently (Charlie’s Angels review to follow). But to be fair, the trailer for this had an Alien/The Abyss vibe and I love both of those films so had to dive right in!

An underwater(shockingly) research and drilling facility gets into some serious trouble and most of the crew are lost, the few survivors have to head out onto the ocean floor to try and save themselves and encounter some creatures who have the opposite idea for them! Now can you see the links to Alien and The Abyss? Kristen Stewart continues to build up her action resume as the heroine Norah and to be fair, she didn’t annoy me for once and I can see her developing quite a nice niche in this genre. T.J Miller is annoying as Paul but ALL of his characters are meant to be, I do wonder if he can act without being annoying or if he is just the best annoying actor out there? Jessica Henwick as Emily shows why she is getting the bigger roles now and I’m looking forward to seeing her in Godzilla v Kong and Matrix 4 and Vincent Cassel is a great choice the Captain of the ship, rough and ready but with a heart.

Now, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a great story, in fact I think it was a great idea which hasn’t been executed brilliantly but it is okay. The cast work well together and the concept has enough about it to build up the tension, but it has one main problem(and I’m not talking about Kristen Stewart surprisingly), it is so dark that I could not tell what was going on most of the time when they were away from the facilities. The death scenes happened really quickly and it all got a bit confusing. I know filming underwater is going to have its difficulties but this got silly, I had no clue as to what was going to happen next, not because of suspense but because I couldn’t see what had just happened!

Now, if this was Alien or The Abyss, it would have justified a 19/20 but it’s not and as good as the concept was and how well the cast interacted, it was let down by its execution and by being all foggy! A watchable 12/20.

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