What did the glove say to the ball? Catch ya later.

Benchwarmers 2 (2019) – Comedy, Sport

The title itself should give you a big hint as to what you are about to let yourself in for. The sequel that no-one asked for a we really didn’t deserve. But I will be positive as people put time and effort into making this. It reminded me very much of the 80s and 90s films about sports that had a misfit bunch of characters, Necessary Roughness and The Replacements spring to mind. It is good to see Chris Klein back in a film role, though he still has the same expressions as Oz from American Pie and Chelsey Reist throws herself full pelt into the role and teeters between sensible and fricking scary!

I’ll be honest, unless you’re a huge softball fan or Jon Lovitz fan, or Chris Klein fan or Chelsey Reist fan or you really enjoy films that are bad they’re bad, then give this a curve ball, but if you enjoy any of the above, then why not give it a go, just don’t blame me.

A seven innings loss for this one, with one of the innings being won by Chelsey Reist and another purely for reminding me of The Replacements, which I may go and watch now.

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