Well that escalated quickly!

The second in Mr Arenson's Earthrise series. Marco, Addy, Elvis, Beast, Lailani, Ben-Ari, Singh and Diaz are off to space to take on the 'Scum' in their home turf/vacuum! Add into the mix, a commanding officer who dislikes our heroes - just once I would like to read about a new commanding officer who loves the group they inherit and gets on very well with them, that'd make a nice change of pace! A distress call, a space battle and a mining colony and you've got a whole world of trouble. The second in the series goes more into horror than the first book did and there are some very gross moments. What you still have is Marco leading the action with his friends ably supporting him and the tension that anyone could get hurt of killed at any moment. What is missing is the last 100 pages of the book, the final few chapters, seem very rushed and if the ending of the story was as in detail and descriptive as the rest of the story it would've given it the deserved ending it lacked. Still and enjoyable read though, and as I'm coming to expect with these books, don't expect everyone to make it out alive or all to be as it seems to be. But do expect guns, soldiers winding each other up, aliens and a death count.

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