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Jumanji The next Level (2019) –Action, Adventure, Comedy

The third film about Jumanji, the second film about the Video game version of the board game and yet people are still bliming well playing the film. I mean I have seen a board game version available to buy and I am just not into risk taking like that. Far too dangerous, I mean who wants to be spending their Christmas Day with screeching monkeys in your home or sucked into a world of peril, but yet some numpty fixes the machine and off we go!

So, to avoid telling you why they end up back in the game, I’ll just focus on the actors to start with, Karen Gillan’s, Ruby Roundhouse takes much more centre stage this time and she is still one heck of a feisty character, a proper butt kicking, spinning, leading the way choice if you wanted to pick a character and luckily her real(well as in film character in a game characters body real person) is clued up enough to lead the way.

Kevin Hart as ‘Mouse’ does an awesome impression of his controller and is my star of the show this time around, Jack Black is far less annoying than usual in this series of films and he gets a chance to diversify as ‘Shelley’ this time for a while. And of course, you have Dwayne Johnson, the films powerhouse, who actually takes a bit of a step back this time to give the others their moment and it works really well. Colin Hanks is also back as is Nick Jonas and both are very likeable actors, especially in the roles this film gives them. And the horse is awesome, of course!

The films young cast, book end it as the norm and it is good to see them continue to develop as their life journey moves them forward, though if I was Bethany, Martha and Fridge I’d ditch Spencer, he needs a serious talking to!

This film is not as funny or engaging as the first film but is still worth a watch and has its moments of great humour and fun action and the stars are all superb actors and extremely watchable. The third or fourth Jumanji film whichever way you look at it is inevitable, I just hope the joke does not start to wear thin, but so far so good. Welcome to Jumanji, worth a visit but you probably do not want to stay there. Well unless you’re getting too old for this sh@t! A fun afternoon’s worth of 14/20.

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