Walker would have nothing on these two!

The Highwaymen (2019) –Biography, Crime, Drama

It’s not everyday that a film is able to tell a story about two of the most famous criminals in history without seeing their faces for 99.9% of the film, you see their car, the back of their heads, the carnage and horror they left behind, but not them. And that is perfect, as this film is about the Texas Rangers who set out to end their killing spree. Based on the accounts of the Texas Rangers and Officers who were there at the end, this manages to show trail of blood and loss left behind them and their gang, as well as the hero worship they enjoyed from the everyday folk who were suffering financially in America at the time, who saw them as an equivalent of Robin Hood, even though they were killing innocent people as well as innocent officers. It was one of the first cases of celebrity for no fricking reason! Kevin Costner plays Frank Hamer and Woody Harrelson is Maney Gault, two rangers who pursued and ended these criminals. And in these two actors you have two heavy weights who bring serious gravitas and power to these roles of two retired Rangers, who are trying to do what Police Forces around the country have failed to do. I honestly don’t know how historically accurate the film is, I did read bits about the officers portrayed in this film and of the events that took place and to be honest, I’m not sure if we’ll ever know exactly what went down on that road way. But what we do know is two serial killers were stopped and people went mad with thousands travelling to the small town to see the bodies and the car they were shot it. It’s all a bit mad when you think about it, like the social media frenzy that people generate now but the thirties equivalent. I found this a powerful telling of this story with some amazing actors who with their stature gives this movie the serious nature that this subject matter deserves. Thomas Mann also stands out as Deputy Ted Hinton, an officer who knew the people he was chasing as they were growing up and was occasionally accused of letting that affect his judgement, he also refuted how they were lured to the ambush in a book published two years after his death, stating that the posse agreed for the truth to be told when they had all passed away, this has obviously been disputed and denied. Well probably never know what really happened but if this was today, we’d definitely have psychological profiles of B &C and how they got to be the way they were through trauma and they would have a following the like of which the Kardashians would cry over but we instead have a very good film telling the story of a few brave men. Watch it yourself, read up on it and you decide if what happened was the only way to end it. Quite a serious review from me for once, but the subject matter brought out my serious side as did seeing Woody from Cheers as a hard-nosed Texas Rangers! A 15/20 from me – a long film but well worth your time. Note: I’ve just read that Frank Hamer led the Rangers against the KKScum as well, saving at least 15 people from lynch mobs – massive respect for this Ranger!

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