Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Waitress The Musical – Adelphi Theatre

A bit of a new style of review for me, but me and Shell do love a theatre trip every so often. Last week, up on Facebook popped an Ad for cheap tickets for the following Friday, this is a show we’ve wanted to see for ages, so thought we’d have a look and found two great seats for much cheaper than normal. So, a quick hint for you, it seems that theatres may well be selling off extra tickets for performances that are soon to occur at a cheaper rate if they’re not sold out.

Anyway, on with the review, this musical deals with some very intense themes, adultery, domestic abuse, both physical and emotional, pregnancy, death and pies, lots of pies. However, it does so not only with a gentleness and care but with a heck of a lot of humour. There were parts where I was crying with laughter and there were parts where I was crying with the emotional resonance of the songs.

The writing, acting and stage directing are superb and every member of the cast has a great voice, suiting their part perfectly. The musical numbers are awesome!

Lucie Jones plays Jenna our Heroine; she has an amazing voice and a tenderness and humour as an actor. Marisha Wallace and Ashley Roberts are her best friends (Becky and Dawn) and fellow Waitresses. They play their roles too perfection, Miss Wallace is the hard ass friend with a heart of gold and Miss Roberts plays the geeky single friend with such humour and sweetness.

David Hunter’s Dr Pomatter is hysterical and also creates an emotional link with the audience and Blake Harrison as Ogie, Becky’s suitor is pure class. I’ve only ever seen him on TV, but he is made for musical theatre. His characterisation and his performance are superb and so funny I was crying, and his ad-libbing created a moment where even the cast had to stop and laugh.

It’s been ages since I’ve been to the theatre and could sense that everyone around me had a permanent smile on their faces and a bond between audience and cast.

If you listen to any of my reviews, listen to this one. Go and see this show!

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