Vin Diesel as the 50th element on the periodic table: Tin Diesel

Bloodshot (2020) – Action, Sci-Fi, Drama

Okay, let’s put this out there straight away, if you want to watch a film that will be considered Oscar worthy, move along now! However, if you want a bit of action and sci-fi nonsense full of unbelievable science, things blowing up, Vin Diesel growling at people and lots of people getting their butts kicked in well-choregraphed fight scenes, then this is the movie for you.

Vin Diesel is Vin Dieselesque is Ray Garrison a Special Forces soldier with a certain skill set that Guy Pearce’s Scientist and Multi-National company CEO Dr Emil Harting needs to showcase his latest Scientific break throughs and the military’s future spending. Of course, things aren’t that simple, there’s betrayal, murder, Eiza Gonzalez is excellent and is continuing to develop her action star resume, as Garrison’s team mate/disillusioned participant. Talulah Riley has a small but very important role as his wife/reason for doing his job and Lamorne Morris as a Computer Genius who has probably the strangest Cockney Accent since Don Cheadle’s in Ocean’s Eleven but other than that supplies the comedy and the fun in this film. There’s also some pretty good fight/chase scenes and an elevator you’d want to give a miss and take the stairs!

Worth sitting down with a bag of Minstrels and escaping from reality from for a short while. Action, one-liners, people being thrown about and still getting up, science that isn’t really science and technology that could rule the world and Guy Pearce, who is always good value for money. An enjoyable shot to the arm – 12/20.

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