Two Will Smith's are better than one, even if one can be slightly blurry!

Gemini Man (2019) –Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

The film critically was not particularly received well, and we were a bit apprehensive about watching it, but were most definitely pleasantly surprised. There is no way it should have got the panning it did. It is Will Smith doing what Will Smith does best, action and one-liners. And unlike a lot of action stars, this film is celebrating that he has gotten older and whilst still more than capable, there is areas he is going to et his butt handed to him by a younger star!

It is just in this case the younger star is himself. And this is my big gripe, the CGI of young Will Smith looks like what someone thinks Will Smith should look like as a twenty-something rather than what Will Smith actually looked like at that age. Also, some of the CGI action sequences do look very CGI rather than real and I am not sure why. Because yes, his face had to be CGI’d but why did his body or the bliming motorbike he was riding on, that confused me – a lot!

Other than that, though, Will Smith is excellent, the action is fast-paced and gripping, the story is interesting, the one-liners fun, Benedict Wong is brilliant as his friend, showing a great sense of humour. And Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character, who could have been, a redundant female character (as many a film has done), does some serious butt-kicking herself, some funny one-liners and makes sure her character is important to the whole scheme of things. This is one of the first films I have seen her in, when she has shown her undoubted star quality. Even Clive Owen, who I have recently not be a huge fan of, turned in a grizzly bad guy who is a pure a@s!

So, take a chance, ignore the critics, I normally do, give this a go and make up your own mind. If you liked Will Smith as an emerging action star, if you want to want a fast=paced action film and can stand a bit of dodgy CGI, then sit back with a pack of Minstrels and a cup of tea and enjoy it. If I was scoring out of 10 I would give it a 7, and just as there is two Will Smith’s, I will double the score to 14/20 and take away 1 for iffy CGI but add 2 for Benedict Wong and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. So, for those who give up on my ramblings, that is 15/20. It also made me, and Shell want to visit Budapest. It looks a lovely city – maybe not the skull walls though!

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