Two months later and a heck of a lot has changed!

The second book in the Masters & Mages series and the Fantasy quota is upped considerably from the first book, which could have been set in this universe, but here we have much more magic and different types of magic, creatures and demons, host bodies, gruesome deaths and more magic.

Aranthur turns from student to military leader, from awkward womaniser to hero leader whilst still maintaining his disbelief of what is going on around him. Dahlia and Sasan start to build their own reputations and stay his trusted friends. Ansu really doesn’t have much to do but still has more to do than Iralia and Drako(who really does get short shrift in this book). However, Aranthur gains new followers and friends and we kind of have Kati back. And the family from the Inn, who played an important role in the first book, well I think they’re mentioned a couple of times, so maybe they will pop back up in the third book or maybe they get to miss the destruction of the world because they are at an Inn and are happily merry on their profits!

The action flows fast and the magical power and ability to cause destruction develops at an immense rate. The enemy becomes more and more dangerous and they still have a political minefield to navigate as well as a marriage and a demon.

I really enjoyed this follow up and am looking forward to the third book which is out in January. I wonder what the state of the world will be by the end! Who will live and who will die and who will turn into a pile of mushy goo!

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