Triple Frontier or Five Go Thieving!

Triple Frontier (2019) – Action, Adventure, Crime

So, it is a crime movie with an incredibly strong male cast (females are a gender that happens to other films), , and it is on Netflix.

That was pretty much all I knew before I watched it, actually I did not realise that it was a crime movie, I just saw the cast and thought that could be a pretty good action movie. Ben Affleck, he can be very much like Marmite, but I have generally liked him as a actor over the years and he can do action, Charlie Hunnam, even though King Arthur was a bit pants, he still is a good action star, Oscar Issac, It is Poe Dameron for Pete’s sake! Pedro Pascal, the Viper and Garrett Hedlund, well I actually did not know him from much, but he looks the part. It was a risk at over two hours long but hey I am on half term and Shell is at work.

So, Poe Dameron gathers ex-army types he used to work with to run a heist in a war zone/drug cartel-controlled area. These includes brothers King Arthur and Sir Kay, sorry Humman and Hedland (which is a great name for a Swedish pop group), ex-leader and family man with issues at home – Affleck and Howling Mad Murdock, sorry Pedro of the squishy head. They find more money than they can physically de anything with but that does not stop them and then things take a Burton from then on. Helicopter crashes, mountain ranges, cocaine fields, local cocaine growers, drug cartels, big bags of money, the mule who thought they could fly and general greed and friends arguing ensue.

There’s not nearly as much action as this cast deserve and it is very slow in places, but it is actually a fairly interesting story and very well acted. If you fancy watching a film just for a good cast and a bit of adventure, then you could definitely do worse. A solidly criminal 12/20 and a lesson learned, when moving into a new home, check the walls.

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