This really was to Infinity's and beyond!

Below is a collection a my reviews of this awesome nine part series, if you cannot be bothered to read my reviews but you love Sci-Fi and you love Characters that stay with you then please be bothered to read this series - its much more fun than my reviews anyway!\

But if you have got a few minutes spare, here's my journey over this last year(heck we've been through Lockdown and me being knocked down) through Mr Warren's universe.

1. Caspian’s Fortune – Eric Warren

So, I picked this book up on a website that offers free books for a review and seeing as I am loving writing reviews, I thought I would give it go. This appealed instantly because of its space theme and the blurb alluded to a book that was probably funny as well as exciting.

What I did not expect was to find my next series to read(which is an issue as I’m in the middle of at least three series at the moment), but I had bought the second book in the series – Tempest Rising- when I was halfway through this book.

Plot – Caspian Robeaux is in over his head, indebt to one nasty piece of work and being re-recruited by the Coalition, the power he thought he was shot of, he also had a bit of a drinking problem and his only friend is a robot who isn’t exactly the obedient, follow his programming type.

This book offers a fast, fun packed ride with a lead character who has shades of Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds, Box, his robot is unique and a great sidekick and then we’re introduced to Evie, the Coalition’s representative, who carries a big ole sword and knows right from wrong, she is going to have issues with Cas and Box! Slowly we are getting to know the rest of the crew of the ‘Tempest’, who I think are going to be great additions to Cas’ life as the series goes on.

Eric Warren writes in a very friendly manner; you get pulled into his ever-growing universe but feel like his characters are old friends from the off. As I said I got the book in exchange for a review, but if it was naff, then I would have said as much, as it is, I got one free book but now have to by four more as it is a bliming good read.

Thank you Mr Warren for offering this up for opinion and thank you for creating Cas, I will be seeing what other world’s your mind hold, after Cas has kept me amused and fighting for what is right for a while(well four more books worth at least in the ‘Infinity’s End’ saga).

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. 2.

The second in the Infinity's End saga, see's our reluctant hero Cas and his sidekick Box, re-joining the crew of the USCS Tempest and their friends Evie, Xax and Zaal as they go ask the Sil for help. Which in itself is problematic as the Sil are renowned for keeping to themselves and the last time the Coalition interacted with the Sil, Cas lost his commission and his freedom and the Sil lost their lives.

The stakes are ramped up with the future of both Galaxies are at risk. Cas starts to find his way again, Box finds his calling, and they both find an enemy in Page, who is a general muppet.

The second book continues on with the fast-paced action and touches of humour that are liberally sprinkled throughout. The characters continue to develop, well except Evie, who I hope we see more of in action in the next book and we see her interact with Cas and Box more. Though I did enjoy learning more about the rest of the crew, Zaal, Xax and Sesster all take a step forward and their alien interactions with Cas and Box and their differing viewpoints on their parts of the ship build up Cas’ world and add layers to the story.

A great fun and interesting read. I have already started the third one. Though I have just seen the advert for the eighth in the series, so it looks like I have a couple of months in these characters company.

3. Darkest Reach

The third book in 'The Infinity's End' saga and Caspian is back and his links to the Coalition are becoming stronger, unfortunately that means, his links to Evie are under a strain.

The mission to the outskirts of Coalition space has begun and Zenfor the Sil is onboard for hijinks and fun or at least to try and help whilst also trying to figure out how the human minds works.

Caspian is struggling with his role in this mission and in the universe as a whole.

Evie has her own family issues and issues with Caspian's role in the universe (she is a lot more involved in this book, so I am a very happy reader) and Box, well Box is actually in a very good place. Long may it last.

However, all of these personal problems or successes cannot last for long as no mission is ever going to go smoothly, well it would be a very short book if it did! A multi-dimensional creature with a history of space piracy (a very simple definition of what is actually going on) means the main mission is put on hold.

We lose a few characters, characters who had great potential and who made an impact in the time they were given. Gutted for at least one hotshot (if you read it you know and are Gripped by the character). And the universe Cas inhabits gets that little bit bigger.

Will Journey's End actually be the end - well we know it won't because Mr Warren is on 8 books in the series and counting. But it might be the end for someone or something, time to get my read on!

Note: Just checked and the next book is called Journey's Edge, but that does not fit in with my last paragraph, so I will just apologise for the misreading and leave my comment there for my own enjoyment. 4.Journey's Edge

The continuing adventures of Cas, Evie and Box aboard The Tempest. They’ve gone beyond the limits of Coalition Space and are now ready to face the mysterious fleet of ships heading to Earth.

Before that though, Evie has to face some personal demons which make a whole lot of changes to her psyche and Cas has to pull himself back from the brink of guilt that is destroying him. Box has to, well Box has to continue being Box, as he is awesome!

Zenfor is worried about the reactions and consequences of her previous actions and The Tempest has a new Engineer, for whom the way The Tempest runs is going to take some getting used to.

The danger ramps up, the emotional wreckage builds up, the humour has actually receded a bit, but that fits in with the storyline and the undercurrent of fun is still there when it is suitable.

Mr Warren continue to build his characters and universe by adding new threads and twisting existing ones. Next up is Secrets Past! 5. Secrets Past

Five books in and Cas, Evie and Box are still aboard The Tempest and still having a torrid time of it! The Tempest has definitely seen better days and even Zenfor and Sesster may not be up to fixing it, especially not after Cas’ latest blunder – you really should not invite people into your home without making sure they are house broken first or else they’ll just pee all over it!

What I love about this series is how far a journey these characters have taken across the five books and how different each book and situation is for them. When I first started reading Caspian’s Fortune during my summer holidays, I would not have expected the story to end up where it is now and seen the route it has taken to get here. There are nine books in this ever-growing series and I really do not know what is going to happen, that is the joy of these.

Of course there are some things I would like more of and less of, Box, Xax and Zaal have very little to do in this book, but Ryant and Jann are excellent additions to the narrative and give the story more of a scope to reach into. Vrij is also an interesting addition but the new engineer from the previous book has pretty much vanished. I suppose with this many characters, some will fall by the wayside, but I do hope they pick up their stories in future books.

The friendship between Evie and Cas has really developed, it has gone through some rough patches, but it is so much more than it ever has been and it is nice to see Laura bring out the humanity in Evie.

It ends with a big reveal and one I worry about the future of some of these characters with. But I also know I will get humour, character development and a twisty tale ahead of me, but I also know they are not all going to make it back to the Coalition – as long as Box does, then I will be a happy man.

Next up is Planetfall, but I may have a break for a month or so, so I come back with renewed vigour for these characters, they deserve nothing less! 6. Planetfall

The next in the series of Infinity's End following the continuing adventures of Cas, Box and Evie and the rest of the remaining crew. The Tempest needs repairing and life support and power are low, so the majority of the crew head to the nearest habitable planet - but they are not alone! There's also time dilation problems, hungry beasties, communication issues and maybe Evie will find out a bit more about her past.

An enjoyable action romp, giving the crew a new setting, and as always don't expect the supporting characters to make it through the book unscathed, but there are some shocks in this one.

Mr Warren continues to deliver. 7.Broken Links

With what's going on in the world, it's taken me longer to read this than I normally would but Mr Warren continues to impress. Yet again the story takes a new turn, each book seems to have a life of its own at the moment.

The crew are reunited and remain so apart at the same time. Friendships fail and friends are reacquainted. People lie to each other, bonds deepen and though the story focuses on Cas and Evie, Box, Xax, Zenfor, Tileah and my personal favourites Jann and Ryant continue to grow and develop.

Just bought Number 8, let's see where this takes us now! 8. Memory's Blade

And so we're back for the 8th book in the series. The Coalition is well and truly broken up, the Athru are hunting our heroes in the last remaining Coalition ship - the USCS Tempest. Sesster is still unconscious, Zenfor is still in a sh@tty mood, Cas is still shocked that he is now Captain, Evie is still trying to get her head around what she has done and Box is still freaking awesome!

On returning to her home world, Evie meets her mother, unfortunately due the nature of her species, the crew of the Tempest aren't particularly inclined to trust her - to be fair they're still not particularly happy with Evie either!

Cas is still her Champion though, which is a good thing,now that he in charge.

Anyway, the crew hatch a plan to bring the Sil into the war onto their side, but it's going to involve danger for Zenfor and Evie and Cas and everyone else on the ship. It's going to involve space battles and deception and heading to the Sil's home-world.

The rest of the crew don't really get a look in during this story but hopefully we'll have some more of Ryant, Jann, Xax, Zaal, Tileah and Vrij soon enough. At least I hope so because the diversity of characters make these books so darn good.

I'm going to miss this universe but roll on Infinity's End and Year of my reading life's conclusion. 9. Infinity's End

I read Caspian's Fortune back in July 2019, I was on school holidays(teacher but behaves like a child!) and was enjoying writing, so I joined this website who gave you free books to write a honest review of it. I thought why not, I might find a decent read. The blurb of Mr Warren's book jumped out at me and a few days later I wrote an honest review stating how much I loved it - now nine books read and a world visited and left I am a lucky man to have found a series I loved and aa set of characters I connected with and an author who I'll keep going back for more from!

So Infinity's End, the ninth book in the Infinity's End series and, well I'm not going to ruin it for anyone by saying what happens!

But expect origins, resolutions, new foes, old foes, new friends, old friends, happy endings, deaths, battles, friendships, romances, moments you've waited for, moments you've dreaded and say one final goodbye to Cas, Evie, Box, Zenfor, Sesster, Jann, Ryant, Xax, Zaal, Tileah, Vrij, Samiya, Hank, River, Ronde and Tyler(sorry if I've forgotten anyone!).

It's a book of two halves really, the first setting up the tension and the final payoff in the second. It reintroduces trouble for our heroes and finishes setting up the universe they inhabit, the second is an all out action fest but as always with these books, focus on characters and their relationships with each other.

There is a conclusion to the story but also you can see where Mr Warren might want to take it in the future if he ever gets the fancy to - please do!

Eric Warren has a new series et in this universe called Stellar Outlaw, I suppose I better crack on with that now!

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