This is definitely no laughing matter!

Joker (2019) – Drama, Crime, Thriller

Okay, let me put this out there straight away(because I don’t think a lot of people are going to appreciate my views on this one) I can see exactly why this film has received so many Oscars/Bafta/Every Person Who Judges Films Awards Nominations. I can see why Joaquin Phoenix won his Oscar for his role. I can that this is a superbly written, well-directed, fantastically acted film. It is all of those and more.

HOWEVER, for me this was not a film that I associate with Batman or Gotham or The Joker. For me, all things Batman are entertaining, from the comics, to the Commodore 64 computer game, to the 60s series to the 80s and 90s films, even to Christian Bale and his much more intense Batman and Heath Ledger and his undoubtedly amazing Joker, they were intense, but they were entertaining. They were based on fantasy and brought to life in extreme ways as Batman should be.

Batman is an intense superhero but that is what he is a Superhero, Just as The Joker is a Super Villain, he’s a comic book baddy, Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger made Joker’s who had their roots in the history of the character but brought to life in their own ways.

For me, this film is too much about real life, it is not a comic book villain, it is an emotionally disturbed man who breaks and that breaks causes realistic situations and deaths. It is a person you could meet on the tube. This isn’t not who Th e Joker is. The Joker for me inhabits Gotham, inhabits a fantasy world. I just did not like the realistic approach to this matter. Personal opinion and all that!

So, curse me all you wish, but I’ll give this a 10/20 – the 10 is for the people involved, fantastic crew and actors all. But the story was not set in the world I enjoy. It was not entertaining or enjoyable (and I am well aware it was not meant to be) but for me Batman/Joker and all associated to it need to be. You can still be dark and entertaining, you can still be dark and comic book linked, Mr Bale and Mr Ledger proved that.

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