The invisible man and an invisible woman got married.Their kids were nothing to look at!

The Invisible Man (2020) – Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi

The Invisible Man takes a classic horror story and gives it a very modern twist. It begins with the difficult tale of domestic abuse which turns into a fight for sanity and for life. And rather than potions or spells, the terror is from technology. Elisabeth Moss, who will always be Zoey Bartlett to me, continues to build a very impressive list of acting credits, she is excellent in this as Cecilia, the object of The Invisible Man’s attention. Switching between vulnerability, terror, determination and fierce protection easily. Harriet Dyer is also very good as her sister Emily, who until one important turning point has trouble believing what is happening to her sister. And they are supported by Aldis Hodge and Storm Reid as father and daughter James and Sydney Lanier, Emily’s friends and Cecilia’s safety net. There are moments in this film that are pure terror, moments where you sit uncomfortably on the couch with your eyes scanning for any changes in the room (we watched it in a dark room, which was just a daft thing to do!).

There are also moments, which made us scream at the TV, Why? Why would you do that? Why won’t you believe her, when you know what she’s been through? Why leave that door open? There are moments where the writer hasn’t tried to made logical jumps, they’ve just included bits for the sake of the film. Which if you don’t mind, then it works but for my mind (and Shell is worse than me) it detracted from a very good story.

The film does what it intends do, it has modernised a classic horror tale and successfully so. It is scary, Elisabeth Moss is excellent, but it just needs tightening up as some of the elements that produced disbelief took away from the scares and took me out of the mindset. A well-done horror peeps 15/20 from me. I am looking forward to the touted sequel, The Invisible Woman to see where they are going to take this series.

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