The Hitman's Deadpool Seven

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

6 Underground (2019) –Action, Thriller, Comedy

Michael Bay is back, and he is back with a vengeance. The explosions are more explosive! The death scenes more gruesome. The one-liners more throwaway. The car chases more chasey! The gun fights more shooty and there is a magnetic weapon which has some fantastically disgusting consequences.

Ryan Reynolds is One, a billionaire who has faked his own death and recruited a team to help him set right the wrongs in the world. No names allowed just numbers. Their biggest mission yet is to replace a dictator with his far friendlier brother.

Ryan Reynolds is at his wise-cracking best, throwing jokes and abuse around like bullets from a machine gun, but he also has a slight harsh edge to this character as well. Melanie Laurent is Two, an ex-CIA operative, hard as nails and twice and dangerous as anyone else in the film. Manuel Garcia-Rulfo is Three, a hitman with a great tendency to quote films whilst he fights. ‘I see dead people’ is my favourite, the timing is just perfect. He is an actor that is fast becoming one of my favourite action stars. Ben Hardy is Four, a parkour runner who gets in a whole world of poop during the film. Which is fair enough as everyone else has some kind of military training and he runs up walls really quickly. He is also the character you worry about most of all, a very likeable actor and character. Adria Arjona is Five, a Doctor, and we honestly do not learn much more about her, except she is bliming handy with a scalpel during a high-speed chase. Dave Franco is Six, and his scenes at the wheel of the getaway car are some of the funniest! And Corey Hawkins in new recruit Seven, a sniper with a past. Never leave a man behind!

The reviews of this film have not been great, but we absolutely loved it. Shell loves a good death scene, and this has some of the goriest and funniest ones going. The characters interacts really well and are a team you cannot help but like. It is fast, action packed, funny and well-written and acted. Hopefully this is the start of a series of films. A 17 Underground from me.

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