Tempest Rising or Turn the Lt Page!

The second in the Infinity's End saga, see's our reluctant hero Cas and his sidekick Box, re-joining the crew of the USCS Tempest and their friends Evie, Xax and Zaal as they go ask the Sil for help. Which in itself is problematic as the Sil are renowned for keeping to themselves and the last time the Coalition interacted with the Sil, Cas lost his commission and his freedom and the Sil lost their lives. The stakes are ramped up with the future of both Galaxies are at risk. Cas starts to find his way again, Box finds his calling, and they both find an enemy in Page, who is a general muppet. The second book continues on with the fast-paced action and touches of humour that are liberally sprinkled throughout. The characters continue to develop, well except Evie, who I hope we see more of in action in the next book and we see her interact with Cas and Box more. Though I did enjoy learning more about the rest of the crew, Zaal, Xax and Sesster all take a step forward and their alien interactions with Cas and Box and their differing viewpoints on their parts of the ship build up Cas’ world and add layers to the story.

A great fun and interesting read. I have already started the third one. Though I have just seen the advert for the eighth in the series, so it looks like I have a couple of months in these characters company.

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