Secrets Past or Trust is a many mandibled thing!

I have been a bit social media silent these last two weeks, to be honest I have been enjoying my Christmas holidays before going back to school tomorrow and spending lots of time with Shell. Though do not worry I have been reading lots and watching shed loads of films, so now normal life is about to be resumed and I am back to teaching the future generations, I thought I’d get back to waffling on, if my class have to put up with it, then so do you!

Five books in and Cas, Evie and Box are still aboard The Tempest and still having a torrid time of it! The Tempest has definitely seen better days and even Zenfor and Sesster may not be up to fixing it, especially not after Cas’ latest blunder – you really should not invite people into your home without making sure they are house broken first or else they’ll just pee all over it!

What I love about this series is how far a journey these characters have taken across the five books and how different each book and situation is for them. When I first started reading Caspian’s Fortune during my summer holidays, I would not have expected the story to end up where it is now and seen the route it has taken to get here. There are nine books in this ever-growing series and I really do not know what is going to happen, that is the joy of these.

Of course there are some things I would like more of and less of, Box, Xax and Zaal have very little to do in this book, but Ryant and Jann are excellent additions to the narrative and give the story more of a scope to reach into. Vrij is also an interesting addition but the new engineer from the previous book has pretty much vanished. I suppose with tis many characters, some will fall by the wayside, but I do hope they pick up their stories in future books.

The friendship between Evie and Cas has really developed, it has gone through some rough patches, but it is so much more than it ever has been and it is nice to see Laura bring out the humanity in Evie.

It ends with a big reveal and one I worry about the future of some of these characters with. But I also know I will get humour, character development and a twisty tale ahead of me, but I also know they are not all going to make it back to the Coalition – as long as Box does, then I will be a happy man.

Next up is Planetfall, but I may have a break for a month or so, so I come back with renewed vigour for these characters, they deserve nothing less!

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