Salvage Marines or Bland Starship Troopers - unfortunately.

I saw that Casper Van Dien was involved in a TV Series based on these books, so I thought I'd give it a go.

It's okay, the concept is interesting, in a world run by corporations and where you are placed into a specific job to pay of your life debts, you can up the ante by joining one of the armed forces. The Salvage Marines are the first in to dangerous situations and then spend their time making money for their employer through salvage rights.

The book is full of action and marines getting offed in different ways but you don't know enough about any of them to really care, even the leads Samuel and Ben are really bland and I had trouble caring if they lived or died, but even if they got severely injured, miraculously they were going to be fine the next chapter.

I love a book about space marines and about alien fights and this gives it to the reader aplenty, but I just need to care more about the characters involved. I'll read the second one and see if I learn more about the characters or if random marines appear and disappear like the variety of buses you can catch from outside the market.

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