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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) – Comedy, Drama

Shell and Kira wanted to watch this film and I did not really have much of an interest. The trailer did not interest me whatsoever and though I enjoy Tarantino films, I’ve never been a mega fan. After about half an hour both of them had given up and I was hooked, it is a really interesting and intelligently written film, that albeit takes a while to get going but for avid film fans has little nods to actors and actresses from the 60s and 70s. I was googling people galore and loving learning about the people involved in the film. First and foremost it is a film fantasy, it is based on age film star Rick Dalton(Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stuntman, Cliff Booth(Brad Pitt) and there journey of navigating the pitfalls of not being the main men anymore. Well when you’ve got Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen around, you are going to start to fade a little bit! Then you add in Roman Polanski (a very scandalous figure) and his wife Sharon Tate and top it off with the followers of Charles Manson and you have an explosive combination. In reality Sharon Tate and her house guests were brutally murdered by Manson’s followers in one of the biggest stories of the 60s. The events in this film lead up to that shocking moment. Mr DiCaprio and Mr Pitt are both powerhouses and two more talented and charismatic actors, it would be hard to find. Mr Pitt deservedly won his first acting Oscar for this role, it’s just mind blowing that it was his first. Margot Robbie is perfect as Sharon Tate and brings the starlet’s brightness and hope to life. Austin Butler, Dakota Fanning, Maya Hawke and Margaret Qualley amongst others bring the horror to Manson’s followers, everyday people warped and turned into murderous shells. The story is well-written, the film is superbly acted and takes a side road away from reality to bring a touch of Hollywood to the screen. The ending is violently bloodthirsty enough for any Tarantino fan and for me actually made me sad about the fate of Miss Tate and her friends, people I did not know to much about before this film. I do enjoy a film that makes me want to learn about the characters and takes well-known faces and makes me believe them in their roles. For a film I did not want to watch, it is one I’d happily watch again. A 16/20 from me. Well done Mr Tarantino for taking a horrific real-life story and being able to turn it into a film fantasy without disrespecting the people involved.

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