Rim of the World or Camp Oops!

Rim of the World – 2019 – Adventure, Comedy, Family

Not sure why we choose this film, its been on the To Watch list for a while and it was a Sunday afternoon and we didn’t want anything that’d challenge us and the fact that it has the word Rim in it and Shell can’t help but find that funny!

Four misfit children get caught up in an end of the world adventure after meeting at possibly the wort summer camp ever. In fact, the aliens and their somewhat dodgy CGI forms are far less scary than some of the camp counsellors, I think these children got off likely. One short battle against a summer of Camp Hijinks, no contest!

So, to the misfits themselves, lets make sure we have all bases covered, geeky kid who is scared of everything, has no friends an over-protective mum(Hello Annabeth Gish, I wondered where you’d gotten to) and just happens to be ginger- check, loud mouth black boy who pretends he’s very popular and cool and makes wise cracks in dangerous situations and starts off picking on the geek kid, but is obviously hiding a secret and is a decent kid underneath it all – check, quiet Asian girl who seems very odd at the start but is actually quite useful in any situation but also talks fluent English when it is considered that she doesn’t speak any or speak in general and has a connection with the geeky kid, cool kid, who defends the geeky kid and seems to have everything going for him but is hiding his special needs and has a secret past but everyone will come together to bring out the confidence he seems to have but really doesn’t – check. Thank goodness, all basis and demographics are nearly covered, and I can just tell they’ll all be great mates by the end – phew!

Anyway, by chance these four happen upon a key that will save the earth from the alien invaders and what follows is a chase movie as the children try to get it to the people who can use it to save the planet but are chased by a rather upset and sharp mouthed creature. And along the way hijinks ensue!

Okay, so I have slightly taken the mick out of it and I know that this is a film for children, and I am a 42-year-old man, so I should give it a break. But, hey I like kids’ films, they’re good family fun and are perfect for a Sunday afternoon easy watch, but this one was just lazily written, some of the lines made us laugh, even though they were earnestly said by the young actors. However, I still enjoyed it in places, there was some funny moments and even moments that made Shell jump and she’s is hard as nails! I think it could’ve been more than it ended up as. The film had potential but just like the camp of doom they attended, it was a nice place for a brief visit, but you wouldn’t want to spend your summer there. A mid-range 10/20 from me, some good bits, children would enjoy it, but I’d advise adults who are watching with there kids to have a good magazine with them.

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