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Happy Death Day/Happy Death Day 2U (2017/2019) –Comedy, Horror, Mystery

This was a random watch on Film 4 the other night which led to us seeking out the second film. A really intelligent, well-written, twisty turny, funny horror film, acted out by a whole set of really likeable actresses and actors who play their parts superbly.

It’s described as Groundhog Day meets Scream and I think that fits it perfectly but then add in a bit of Back to the Future and Event Horizon and you’ve got it. Theresa “Tree” Gelbman is a bit of a cow, sleeping with her married professor, annoying her roommate, being part of a sorority that is run by your typical b@tches, ignoring her Dad’s call on her birthday, waking up in a poor classmates room – Carter – hungover and not caring about him, she’s your typical American College student baddy – the type of character you know is going to die horribly in a horror movie and so on the night of her birthday, she gets murdered by a figure wearing a babies mask(indecently the mask of the school mascot). All very standard fair so far, but then Tree wakes up in Carter’s room at the same time, with the same music playing and he is leaning under his desk, just as he was the day before, oh yeah and it’s her birthday again! Thus follows a very funny and at times very jumpy trip through Tree’s many lives as he tries to work out who is killing her over and over again and at the same time learns about bit about how to be a decent person. There are numerous twists and these atypically aren’t signposted and often come as a complete surprise. The second film, Happy Death Day 2U, well actually I can’t tell you too much about that, as you need to watch the first film, but there’s much more focus on Ryan – Carter’s roommate and his friends and if anything is funnier but maybe less jumpy, more sci-fi fantasy than horror, though there still is some great death scenes. The writer has a great and warped mind, well played -Scott Lobdell, who has written for Marvel on some of my favourite series, Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor and Generation X among others in the 1990s, such as Buffy and Angel comics. Jessica Rothe as Tree is simply fantastic, a very funny actress and she plays both the chased victim, confused Groundhog and vengeful and peeved woman determined to take back control perfectly, some of little looks and expressions are pure gold. Israel Broussard is sweet and innocent as Carter and then switches to a man of action. Rachel Matthews is perfect as the ultimate Cordelia, b@thcy , funny, helpful and a complete pain, Ruby Modine takes Tree’s put upon roommate on a heck of a journey and shows many many different sides to this characters and Phi Vu comes into his own in the second film as Ryan and his first five minutes of the film is brilliant as he carries the continuing story. I’m really hoping that there’s a third film, this is a story that deserves to be continued and these young actors deserve great careers. A very delightfully surprised 17/20 from me. Even Shell really liked it! Now that is a compliment and a half!

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