On the Basis of Common Sense!

On the Basis of Sex (2019) – Biography, Drama – Amazon Prime

Based on the life of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, focusing on the early cases of her career as she tries to introduce the concept of equal rites for Women into areas of the US Legal System. It focuses on the problems she faced at university, the adversity her husband Martin beat, the sexism of certain colleagues and peers and the barriers that the legal profession kept throwing at her.

This is an intelligently written and incredibly interesting version of someone I knew very little about, but someone who I now hold in the utmost esteem. Both her and her husband are portrayed as moral, driven, intelligent, equals in both their life and marriage and Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer do a great job. Felicity Jones is starting to carve herself and solid career in Hollywood which hopefully will lead her onto more roles which showcase her acting ability and Armie Hammer is turning into one of my favourite actors, his turns in Hotel Mumbai and Free Fire both are superb.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg ends up as a U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice and it is easy to see why from how this film portrays her. I am going to learn more about this pioneer now.

Well worth a watch if you are interested in a true story which is intelligently written, well-acted, shows how important roles people can play in history if they are driven and care enough and you want to learn from them and about them. If not watch It (the Stephen King Remake) – because that was pants and this is a 16/20 film.

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