Marvel Team Up - Falcon and Crossbones Road Trip!

Point Blank (2019) – Action, Crime, Thriller

So, after I watched this, I found out it was a remake of a 2010 French film and just like The Upside, which was a remake of a French film, this is done very well. So, I reckon in this day and age of Hollywood remaking their own films, then they should just go and nick all the French films going and redo them. Though leave alone The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec as that is fracking brilliant on its own! In fact, if you are reading this, go and watch that film, you will not regret it!

Anyway, on with the show(in the immortal words of The Muppets), a criminal gets shot and ends up in the hospital, the nurse who is looking after him gets put in a tricky situation when he is told to help the criminal out of the hospital and away from the police, there is of course some major leverage to persuade him to do this. And there are a few little twists and turns as all is not what it seems.

Frank Grillo plays Abe the criminal and Anthony Mackie is Paul the nurse, so we have Crossbones and The Falcon teaming up. It is like Civil War on acid! Both actors are incredibly likeable in these roles and have great chemistry together. They are also both pretty adept at action roles but what I really liked was that Anthony Mackie does not turn into this full on Action Jackson by the end of the film, he is still swinging punches like I would do in this situation, basically like a 14 year old on a school playground who is being stared at by his classmates, looking slightly embarrassed and determined not to give up. and not having a clue as to what they are doing.

This is a film that slipped under the radar when Netflix first distributed it but is definitely worth a watch and at only 90 minutes it is fast paced and gets straight into the action from the get-go. A very enjoyable 15/20 from me and even Shell enjoyed it, saying that it is one of the few films she has seen recently that she has really enjoyed!

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