Magic Goes Wrong But Oh in such the right way!

Magic Goes Wrong – Vaudeville Theatre

The Mischief Theatre Company second show in their year long residential at The Vaudeville Theatre, links them creatively to the great Penn & Teller and what an awesome combination it is.

This is The Mischief Theatre Company at its best, not only do you have the pratfalls and scenery causing damage to cast and itself but you have a showcase of how intelligent their writing is, how cleverly everything links together and how well the cast reacts and interacts with each other. Beyond that, they link to the audience through some awesome participation and bounce of the hecklers and the audience comments. I was lucky in that I was only picked on before the start of the show when someone pulled a dead dove from under my chair and proceeded to make me hoover up the feathers, it could’ve got so much worse for me, but luckily there were other targets! The magic is done incredibly well when it works, amazing considering that the cast are actors and comedians and not magicians, and when it doesn’t it is hysterical. There is a whole range of different characters and types of magic and each one brings out the belly laughs. The show is based around a charity TV show to raise money for those who have met their end at the end of a wand and the guests are ingenious and pretty darn awful in equal measure. Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields are the creative force behind Mischief and their collaboration with Penn & Teller brings out their humour with the magicians showmanship. Mr Lewis is excellent as The Mind Mangler and has a fantastic rapport with the audience. Mr Sayer brings his trademark everyman humour and innocence to Mickey/Bryan/Bryan and is a great foil for The Mind Mangler, Mr Shields as usual is the heart of the show and the base for the story and keeps everything running as smoothly as clockwork, well if the clock is being smashed with a hammer! They are backed up as always by Dave Hearn as The Blade and he is such a likable actor that any character he plays is an instant hit. And for me the breakout performance was by one of the understudies, Natasha Culley playing Bear, a German performer and what a performance, funny and energetic, I hope she is more and more involved in these productions. So, once again, thank you Mischief Theatre for a wonderful night out which both myself and Shell absolutely loved, can’t wait to see what the third show is in the residential and the second series of The Goes Wrong Show. Please go and see this amazingly funny show!

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