Live Long and Prosper - unless you're a Redshirt!

Redshirts was recommended by another author I really enjoy reading(Eric Warren), if you know Star Trek you will have an inkling what this book is going to be about. Aboard the Union Capital Ship Intrepid, things do not always go as planned. 1) every Away Mission involves some kind of lethal confrontation with alien forces (2) the ship’s captain, its chief science officer, and the handsome Lieutenant Kerensky always survive these confrontations (3) at least one low-ranked crew member is, sadly, always killed.

The lower ranked crew members seem to know that something is wrong and if you are a new recruit to the ship, you are in a lot of trouble. Things take a weird turn for Dahl, Duvall, Hester, Finn and Hanson when they meet Jenkins who is hiding out in the Cargo Tunnels and his a theory on what is occuring.

So, this book was recommended by an author I really enjoy reading and is about a long running joke, that I have had many geek filled discussions about in the pub. What's not to like? The answer is not much. I really enjoyed it, probably more than first half about the Intrepid but at around 200 odd pages long, this is a fast, fun read on a subject that has so many in jokes (Galaxy Quest and Sam Rockwell I'm looking at you). Go out and get it!

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