Lightning strikes three times and everyone dies except the man it hits!

Angel Has Fallen (2019) –Action, Thriller

Mike Banning is back and yet again everything goes to hell around him. I mean who would seriously agree to work with this fella anymore. Every assignment he is on, a multitude of people die.

Just a quick recap, firstly back in Olympus has Fallen, the presidents wife and a couple of agents die in a car accident, he then leaves his Presidential duty only to come back to save the day once The White House is taken down by Dylan McDermott an old friend of his and generic Asian baddies . Then London gets pretty much wiped off the map when he takes Aaron Eckhart’s President to a state funeral, thousands of Londoners and others die as does the Head of the Secret Service, another friend of Banning’s. This time is generic Middle Eastern baddies up to no good. Now he is back again looking after the promoted President Trumball (series regular Morgan Freeman), Banning’s secret service friends get massacred, Trumball gets targeted and everyone else Banning meets is on the hit list.

The change to this one, is that Banning is framed for the attack – but seriously who would believe the man who single handedly saved The White House and London would go after the President, it goes against everything he has ever done. I mean anyone with any ounce of common sense, would go, well this is suspect, I reckon it’s a frame job!

Other changes included, Banning’s wife morphing into Piper Perabo, Nick Nolte turning up as his never ever mentioned father and Danny Huston turning up as Banning’s old friend – well I for one wouldn’t trust him, just on Banning’s track record. I mean all his friends are either traitors or dead. I would definitely run for the hills if my old mate Mike phoned me up and asked me for a catch up beer as nothing good would ever come of it!

Tim Blake Nelson and Jada Pinkett Smith turn up so that we have the double barrelled name quota of the cast fulfilled.

But, in all seriousness, there is some good twists, the action keeps the film rolling along, even when you are questioning the logical judgement of the people involved and Gerard Butler is always a watchable action star. I read that the Producer has films 4,5 & 6 set up as well as TV Series, so be prepared for Mike Banning to spread destruction and mayhem wherever he goes, oh sorry to stop the baddies and not the cause of any problems whatsoever as it is just pure bad luck what happens to everyone and everything around him!

The third film is better than the second but not as good as the first, so if I take 2 from 3 and then add a 1 and then multiply it by the number of films they are going to put Gerard Butler back into his role but then subtract the amounts of Mike Banning’s friends who dies but add the number of President’ he will serve before he retires and divide that by the gruffness of Nick Nolte’s voice, then we have an enjoyable but predictable 12/20 for Mike Banning The Third – a jinx’s story!

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