It's like Top Gun but with the pilots sitting in the belly of a beast(well Martha!)

James Barclay has been a favourite author of mine since my old workmate Jason, leant me the first of ‘The Raven’ series. Those books are up there in my most read series and not far behind is his ‘Elves’ trilogy. He is an awesome fantasy author. I have been sitting on Heart of Granite for a few years. I was not sure as it was a departure from his normal theme. But I shouldn’t have been worried, this is one amazing book!

In a future where the world has turned into a giant warzone, with humans, using alien and reptilian DNA to create living war machines, where fighter planes have been replaced by manned Drakes, where a connection forms between pilot and drake which leads to ‘The Fall’ where minds become too connected and insanity ensues. And continents are squashing each other to gain world domination.

Living in ‘HoG’ a Behemoth filled with thousands of pilots, soldiers, drakes, ground crew and some very politically minded leaders, is Max Halloran or Hal-X and the rest of Inferno-X(Including Val-X, Step-X, Kul-X and Mont-X) the Hotshot Squadron of HoG. In this world there are upgrades available for both drakes and pilots, but all come with a huge risk and sometimes you just do not get a choice in the matter.

Max is as cocky a pilot as you would meet in any fictional warzone, flying any form of airborne vehicle/animal but has a charm that makes you root for him, even when his ego is busting out of the page. His squad though not overly developed are characters you want to make the end of the book and hopefully will be built on in the next one (if they survive).

The second book is not due out till 2021 and I will be signing up to have it on the first day of publication. Mr Barclay, if by some miracle you happen to read this, can you please move the release date forward, I really need to know what happens next!

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