Infinity's End - Book One - Caspian's Fortune - Eric Warren

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Caspian’s Fortune – Eric Warren

So, I picked this book up on a website that offers free books for a review and seeing as I am loving writing reviews, I thought I would give it go. This appealed instantly because of its space theme and the blurb alluded to a book that was probably funny as well as exciting.

What I did not expect was to find my next series to read(which is an issue as I’m in the middle of at least three series at the moment), but I had bought the second book in the series – Tempest Rising- when I was halfway through this book.

Plot – Caspian Robeaux is in over his head, indebt to one nasty piece of work and being re-recruited by the Coalition, the power he thought he was shot of, he also had a bit of a drinking problem and his only friend is a robot who isn’t exactly the obedient, follow his programming type.

This book offers a fast, fun packed ride with a lead character who has shades of Han Solo and Malcolm Reynolds, Box, his robot is unique and a great sidekick and then we’re introduced to Evie, the Coalition’s representative, who carries a big ole sword and knows right from wrong, she is going to have issues with Cas and Box! Slowly we are getting to know the rest of the crew of the ‘Tempest’, who I think are going to be great additions to Cas’ life as the series goes on.

Eric Warren writes in a very friendly manner; you get pulled into his ever-growing universe but feel like his characters are old friends from the off. As I said I got the book in exchange for a review, but if it was naff, then I would have said as much, as it is, I got one free book but now have to by four more as it is a bliming good read.

Thank you Mr Warren for offering this up for opinion and thank you for creating Cas, I will be seeing what other world’s your mind hold, after Cas has kept me amused and fighting for what is right for a while(well four more books worth at least in the ‘Infinity’s End’ saga).

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