If they hear you, they hunt you, so don't be pregnant, have a toddler, a deaf daughter or snore!

A Quiet Place (2018) – Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

We delayed watching this film, for no other good reason, than because it was mostly in silence we really had to concentrate when watching it, and for both me and Shell to be concentrating at the same time, we need to be sedated!

I am so happy that we finally did watch it as it was an excellent film. Written by(partially), directed by and starring John Krasinski, this showcases a range of his talents. He is a great actor but also proves his ability behind the camera and the keyboard (so wanted to write typewriter there, but realised I was in the 20twenties and not the roaring twenties). Alongside him, in both silver screen (figured I might as well, throw in a few links to the Golden Age of cinema) and real life is his co-star/wife Emily Blunt, who is just plain awesome – in the words of Yondu – I’m Mary Poppins Y’all!

Anyway, the movie is set, well now (which is a bit freaky) and most of the human and animal population has been devasted by sightless creatures who hunt by sound. The Abbot family, Ma and Pa Abbot and three little Abbots, live in silence and communicate through sign language (Shell was busy comparing ASL to BSL throughout). Which is a tad difficult when you have a toddler(well a bit older) and a new born baby on the way – I mean seriously, why did they have sexy time in this kind of environment, it’s not really a turn on knowing that a little bit of a gasp or moan and your guts and other bits are going to be ripped out!

Or, there could be some really frustrating ways to die in this scenario, death by passing wind springs to my immature mind, pop off and then pop off! Death by sneezing or having a frog in the throat, death by stubbing your toe. Death by cracking your knuckles (actually that’d be deserved), death by weeing too loudly in a porcelain toilet, death by laughing at someone falling over!

From the first five minutes the movie defies expectations, if you’ve watched it you know the shocking scene a couple of minutes in, from there on your realise all bets are off and this family are fighting for their lives and the future baby Abbot, you better not hope they’re a crier, actually forget that, from the outset I was wondering what kind of drugs Ma Abbot was going to be mainlining to keep herself quiet!

Oh yeah and their daughter is deaf (which is how they know ASL, very handy that!) but I did wonder how she knew if she was making noise or not, she could be crunching under foot and not have a clue. But again, I might just be over-thinking things!

This film is tense, I mean edge of seat, biting your fingernails, bricking yourself when your chair squeaks (or was that just me) tense. It finished and I wanted to move silently around my house – but we’d be screwed because I snore like a demon, so I’d be a goner in this future after one sleep!

Watch it if you haven’t already, and then go and watch the second one, though I am interested to see the direction they take this one. It is a silent, signing, treading lightly modern classic, with two great leads and a well-scripted, acted and shockingly twisty film. A ssshhh, please be quiet 16/20 from me.

NOTE – Have just realised that I have ended all but one paragraph with an exclamation mark and that is very lazy of me, but looking at it, I quite like the symmetry so we’ll all have to live with it, next time I might go ellipsis crazy!

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