I wish you a Hallmark Christmas and a Hallmark New Year

So, it is December and I am continuing my mission to try and watch every new Hallmark Christmas film that gets released in the UK on Christmas 24 as well as a few I missed last year. So, here’s this week’s offerings!

Entertaining Christmas (2018) – Christmas

Jodie Sweetin plays Candace Livingston, the daughter of an American cooking/author/crafting legend – Liz Livingston. She is due to take overt he family business and as a little introduction to it, goes to a small town(it is always a small town) to help a young girl prepare to welcome her father home from his tour of duty(there is always a father or mother in the army).

The only problem is Candace is pretty rubbish at all the things her mother is brilliant at, she takes after her father and is good with finance and organisation and being a really good person, kind of everything you need to run a business that doesn’t involve cookery or crafting!

The little girl’s Uncle has escaped from Roswell, sorry is Roswell’s Brendan Fehr, and his day job, when he is not being an awesome Uncle is the town’s news reporter. A reporter who is suddenly close to an pretending to be someone she is not, I do not know where this could be heading! Oh of course we do, but Hallmark is not there to shock or surprise us, it is there to give us nice Christmas films and this one looks good, Jodie Sweetin is a charismatic heroine, who is extremely likeable, just like her character. Brendan Fehr is still Michael from Roswell, but we all want Michael to have a happy ending don’t we!

A cheery and happy Hallmark movie as our star tries to not be found out and our reporter faces a mini crisis when he finds out. But seriously, like he is going to ruin his loves future! That wouldn’t be a Hallmark film, it is more Christmas Hammer Horror if he does that!

Holiday for Heroes (2019) - Christmas

Riley Finn returns from the secret mission he left Buffy for all those years ago, to find Sunnydale much more Christmassy and Buffy to be replaced by Audrey, a local coffee shop owner and generally the nicest person on the planet!

Okay, so it is Marc Blucas but he plays Staff Sergeant Matt Evans and he still reminds me of Riley and if he appears in uniform then he is Riley and will forever be! Matt has been getting letters from one of his soldiers’ sisters for the last year (not sure if his friend new about this or approved but let’s not worry about that!) and when he is sent stateside, he goes to see here. Audrey(Melissa Claire Egan- an American daytime TV star turned Hallmark heroine), the letter writing sister runs a local coffeeshop and wants to expand but in the meantime she is trying to give a Happy Christmas to as many servicemen and women as she can, but is having problems getting the venue and money to do it. Her and Matt get on fantastically well, even better in person than in ink but she’s busy and he’s trying to decide what to do with his life, so we are going to have some bumps before the end.

But it is a Hallmark movie and one that is based on returning soldiers and love and Christmas, so I’m not worried, it will all be alright in the end and Riley might not get his Buffy but honestly Audrey is nicer and less likely to stab him with a stake.

Homecoming for heroes, Christmas, love story, Hallmark you’re crying, I’m not, it’s you. You just think I’m crying through the tears in your own eyes!

Our Christmas Love Song (2019) – Christmas

Alicia Witt shows her singing talent in one of this year’s premiere’s. I’ve always known her as an actor, since her days as a freaky little girl in Dune with a scary voice and puncturing finger and Cybill Shepherd’s daughter in the imaginatively named Cybill, but since then she’s proved her singing credentials in Nashville as well as her own albums and tours. Hallmark gives her the chance to sing and act and make a Merry Christmas.

Miss Witt plays Melody Jones, a country star(luckily she was in Nashville then wasn’t it!) who is accused of plagiarising a song by her aging former partner who is no longer as successful as her, now alarms bells should be ringing straight away, so she has to return home to find the evidence that her Dad wrote the song with her. At home is her Mum, sister and niece(whose Dad is in the army and not returning home for Christmas – I have three out of three for army Dad’s in Hallmark films this week, surely I get a collectors sticker for that!), her old music teacher, her old love interest, a town needing a Christmas song/production put on and the most amount of Christmas trees outside of a house and wreaths inside of a house that I have ever seen and as you know I have seen a fair few of these films).

Anyway, Miss Witt, sings amazingly well, treats her rival with honour and respect and generally makes you want her to sing Christmas songs to a family whilst snow falls outside and Mulled Wine flows freely forever! She finds the evidence, she finds true love, her niece even sings and so does her sister. The army Dad says hi via video link. Her career grows, Christmas is made right and everyone lives happily ever after but covered in a huge amount of Christmas trees – I mean, seriously what are they going to do with them all in January, it’ll take ages just to take all the decorations and lights off. She’s not going to have time to tour!

So, I’ve got Michael from Roswell, Riley from Buffy, Zoey from Cybill, a huge daytime TV star, a star from Fuller House. Hallmark continues to develop he careers of ex-teenage stars into a happily adult world.

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