I've been dreaming of a frightening dud!

Flatliners (2017) –Drama, Horror, Mystery - Netflix

I absolutely loved the 1990 film this was a remake of. I still remember seeing it at the cinema with my best mate, it was slightly disturbing, an original storyline and full of great young actors and actresses who were at the top of their game. So, it was with trepidation that I settled down to watch this version. It still has a great young cast, Ellen Page, Diego Luna, James Norton, Kiersey Clemons and Nina Dobrev are fine actresses and actors and some of them already have a great body of work behind them. But to me, they’re no Keifer Sutherland(though he does pop up in a nod to the fans), Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt and even William Baldwin(actually Diego Luna would have easily replaced William Baldwin and made the first film better, but at the time with Backdraft and his Baldwin connections, he was a big(ish) name). It is not quite as disturbing, maybe because I’m nearly 30 years older than when I saw it and the storyline, well I cannot call it original when I still have the cinema ticket in my parents house for the film it is remaking.

However, it is well acted, nicely shot and if I had not seen the original and was watching this without any preconceptions, then I would have enjoyed it more than I did. Unfortunately, I had and I did not. To be honest before I started writing this, I remembered that I had watched a film earlier in the week but could not remember what film, so I had to check my Netflix history to remind me it was this. Not a great recommendation really, good cast, a nice way to waste some time but pretty forgettable as a movie. Not quite a flatline score but a very mundane 8/20 and all of that is for the cast.

The Frighteners (1996) – Comedy, Horror

We caught this last night when flicking through channels and Shell loved this when it first came out and I remember being terrified by it, but also really enjoying it. Michael J. Fox is and always will be a legend of an actor and this was a departure for him at the time. Normally he was involved in family friendly comedies or action films, but this and The Hard Way was his venture into more adult fair and proved that he was more than capable in any genre of film.

Admittedly it has lost some of the scare factor, I think as viewers we have become more immune to these types of films as film companies are able to up the horror through modern CGI, but still Jake Busey makes a great serial killer and his movements through walls and objects can still be unnerving, but it is Mr Fox and his likeableness that makes this film, you put such a likable actor is a dangerous situation and as a viewer you cannot help but be worried for him. This is definitely worth catching again, it might not be as a scary but is very much up there as a good film. Not The Frightener but The Worriers would be more appropriate, a 14/20 for cast and nostalgia.

Enchanted (2007) – Comedy, Animation, Comedy

So, this was on TV this weekend and we just had to watch it. Both of us have seen it many times and I know that we will both watch it many times in the future. This is going to be a very short write-up. Amy Adams is pure class as the out of place princess, Patrick Dempsey is McCharming as her reluctant knight in shining suit. James Marsden is comedy gold as a one-track prince. Susan Sarandon could make a living out of being a Disney baddie and the chipmunk is a show stealing squeaky legend! The songs are catchy, I am currently sitting on my sofa humming along to ‘True Love’s Kiss’ whilst Shell is singing ‘How Will I Know’, the story is original even though it is a classic and Disney have great fun taking the mick out of themselves. An Enchanting 18/20.

It’s Your Choice Here’s one for any of my friends who are reading this, or anyone else who wants to make me suffer. AT the moment the world is pretty argumentative and with the UK general election coming up, we’re going to hear a lot of lies and backstabbing. So, I am giving you a chance to make me suffer but in a fun way. Take out your frustrations by selecting a really awful film from either UK Netflix or Amazon Prime and asking me to watch it. Then, next Saturday when Shell is working on her dissertation (have I mentioned how bliming proud of her I am) I will watch one or two of the selections from start to finish. Remember, you can be nice and choose a great film, or have some fun and make me watch a pile of toss!

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