I once told a bad joke about ghosts. It still haunts me to this day.

Ghosts of War (2020) –Horror, Thriller, War - Netflix

During World War II, five American Soldiers take up their posts in a High Castle, the previous soldiers, seeming far too keen to hand over the castle and get the heck on the road. I wonder what they know? On the way, the soldiers have bumped into and bumped off a bunch of German Soldiers including one very famous 90’s actor.

During their stay at the castle, strange things start to happen, which then turn pretty horrific and ends with them really, really wanting to get back to the front lines. They have some soldiering action but even that gets quite jumpy! More German soldiers meet their grizzly end via the Castle’s original occupants than by Allied Fire.

All pretty standard fair so far, it is a jumpy film, there is some gruesome bits, the soldiers have distinct personalities and you do worry about some of them, but it is the last twenty minutes which make this stand out in the genre. What could’ve been a bog-standard War Horror film, soldiers v Ghosts, goes a bit deeper and takes a turn. Brenton Thwaites does an excellent job as the group’s de facto leader and decision maker. It is good to see Skylar Astin take on a very different role than his Pitch Perfect/Zoey’s Playlist romantic lead9though I like him in both of them as well). Theo Rossi (Son’s of Anarchy) continues to build up his hard as nails CV, Kyle Gallner’s Tappert is played with a scary intensity, though again, all may not be as it seems and Alan Ritchson get to play fisty cuffs with a very famous actor and his character has the heart of the group.

It is not going to terrify you but may well unnerve you, it has enough jumps and storyline to keep your interest up and as mentioned earlier the ending stands out as a very intelligent and story altering piece of writing and acting. An engaging 13/20 from me.

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