Holmes: "Is that comforter on your bed?" Watson: "No, sheet, Sherlock"

Enola Holmes (2020) –Adventure, Crime, Drama A Netflix film starring the ever-rising star of Millie Bobbie Brown and the reliable and talented pair of Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin. What could go wrong? Honestly, nothing – it is a thoroughly enjoyable film. It’s not going to tax your brain, it’s not going to worry you and scare you, it’s a fun, who dun it, starring some very talented and likeable actors, well-written, sometimes amusing, some adventure, some mystery, it has got a Saturday evening written all over it! Sit down with a bag of Minstrels (or chocolate of your choice), a nice cup of tea or Cream Soda and Ice Cream (sorry going back to my childhood treat there!) and just enjoy the film. Millie Bobby Brown plays the lesser known Holmes – Enola, younger sister of Sherlock and Mycroft who embarks on a mission to find something important to her that’s gone missing, whilst avoiding her guardian Mycroft, the more arrogant and less caring elder brother – played brilliantly by the normally likable Mr Claflin and trying to emulate her slightly Superman looking but more caring and definitely elementary pointing out brother Sherlock – Mr Cavill, showing his more tender older brother side whilst maintaining Sherlock’s dignity and sensibleness. Along the way, she meets the young Viscount Tewkesbury, who has problems of his own, namely in the form of Burn Gorman’s Linthorn – seriously it seems that if you ever need a hard-eyed bad guy, who is silently threatening then Burn Gorman is there to get to the job – he does these roles incredibly well, his family who are out looking for him, including Frances de la Tour as his Dowager (I can’t help but think of Maggie Smith every time I hear the word Dowager now – Downton has a lot to answer for!) Grandmother and Fiona Shaw as Miss Harrison, who is blatantly the much more horrid ancestor of her character in Three Men and Little Lady. Millie Bobby Brown is superb and it is amazing that someone of her talent and screen presence is still only 16 and even more amazing is that I didn’t know that she is British – she did such a great accent, I had to look it up and was surprised to find the reason she does such a great British accent is that she has British parents, even though she has moved around a fair bit. There are times during the film when Enola either makes little comments to or looks at the audience and from some actresses that could be annoying but she imbues it with a sense of charm and humour. This is one young lady with a huge, huge future ahead of her and well-deserved so far! It sets itself up nicely for a second film and both Miss Brown and director Harry Bradbeer both want to make a second one, I can only hope Netflix green lights it – though they can make odd decisions – cancelling The Dark Crystal series anyone! Sit down this weekend, crack open the chocolates and 1980’s style drinks and sit back and watch Sherlock’s lesser known sister take centre stage – was this a resounding success – No ship Sherlock it was (sorry couldn’t resist – I nearly made it to the end though)(writing ship really reminds me of Die Hard’s yippee ki yay kimosabe and I’m kind of disappointed with my self-editing – but had to be done as this is a family friendly blog! Oh yeah a really fun and enjoyable 16/20 from me – even Shell enjoyed it, so you know it’s got to be good.

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