Hicks and Newt or Wilks and Billie - you decide?

Quite a while ago, I read the Novel 'Earth Hive'. Earth Hive was based on this collection of the original Aliens series. Because of Alien 3 being filmed, Earth Hive had to change characters to Wilks and Billie.

However, this is the original series that was created before Alien 3 changed the course of the film franchise, so we still have our heroes Hicks and Newt in it, and it is all the better for it. The story is pretty much the same but because of the attachment fans such as myself have to Hicks and Newt I found the story more enjoyable, crazy isn't it!

Anyway, the Aliens are back and as per usual some very silly Government and Private Company Big Wigs want them for weapon, there is also a group of religious zealots who are worshipping the Queen! There’s a hitman, who does not much care for his family or anyone to be fair. Some soldiers who are more than meets the eye (nope they’re not Transformers). And poor Hicks and Newt have been having nightmares are getting dragged back into hell. Then again, they have not been doing to good since they got rescued.

And Ripley, well she gets a mention, but she’s gone off on other adventures (If I were them, I would have gone with her, far, far safer, well maybe not safer, but she can handle herself).

For those who love the series of films and books, this is a great place to visit, the comic that created the world outside of the films and characters we all love (even Hudson, Drake, Frost and Vasquez etc get a brief mention).

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