Have got a little excited after learning the links of some of the names to Greek

The Armour of Achilles – Glyn Iliffe

The retelling of the classic story continues, in this book, we skip about ten years of the war and find ourselves in what Odysseus was promised would be the final year of the war. But, for our heroes that is not looking very likely.

Over this story, we cover a lot of hugely important events, Agamemnon making an enemy of Achilles, Patroclus borrowing Achilles armour, Hector and Achilles, Penthesilea – The Queen of the Amazons, the competition for Achilles armour, Ajax displeasing the Gods, Ajax’s madness, Athena and Apollo making decisive moves, Memnon of Ethiopia, Achilles anger and Odysseus’ scheming and not in that order!

However, Mr Iliffe adds to these fantastical stories by focusing on our true hero, Eperitus, we see how he has grown and changed over the years, how he has developed in his role as the Ithacans Captain, he finds love, he finds family, he finds a vision of what he wants his future to be. But, as always things are never as simple as all that! His life is linked to Odysseus and he has to make some very difficult decisions for both of them.

The other Ithacans are also there and much more grown up, Polites, Antiphus, Arcesius, Omeros and Eurybates make up the Magnificent Seven, but if you know your films, you know what happens to at least 4 of the Magnificent Seven and there is still three books to go!

I love Greek Mythology and I love characters that develop together and Mr Iliffe writes his characters, both famous and not so with such depth, that you cannot help but to care about them.

And Mr Iliffe, I have just done some research and I frickin love where you got our heroes names from, you have made my day! Did you know, that Arcesius is the name of Odysseus Grandfather and Polites is both mentioned as Odysseus closest friend and a Prince of Troy, Antiphus was one of Priam’s sons who was killed by Agamemnon, Omeros is a poem that references The Iliad and Eurybates was actually Odysseus’ squire. And this is the best one of all. Odysseus at first introduces himself as Eperitus, son of this Apheidas, when he comes to see Laertes after having done away with the suitors of Penelope.

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