Guardians, J-Lo, Hallmark Christmas and Anna Kendrick being a bit pyscho!

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) –Action, Sci-Fi, Comedy

This surely does not need much of a write up, one of Marvel’s most iconic teams set to film in an action-packed and very funny way. Chris Pratt’s Starlord is the right mix of arrogant and supportive, Zoe Saldana is superb as Gamora both moulded as a warrior and slightly broken by Thanos. Dave Bautista is literally literal as Drax the Destroyer who goes on a huge journey over the films. Bradley Cooper is unrecognisable as Rocket, a mammal-like creature with a wise-cracking repertoire and a bog ole gun! And Vin Diesel is ‘I am Groot’ as Groot. And when they are all together as the Guardians, they are a butt kicking, hysterical group of misfits and thieves who steal your heart. The final scenes are emotionally charged as well as being explosive. The music is awesome and reignited the legend that is the mixtape (Ah memories of recording The Top 40 on a Sunday whilst lying on the floor trying to get my timings right so I did not miss the start of the song!). I aaaaaam Groooooot/20 from me!

Picture a Perfect Christmas (2019) - Christmas, Romance, Drama

One of this years Hallmark Christmas offerings, Merritt Patterson and Jon Cor take the leads in this warm Christmas jumper, feel warm and fuzzy film. Sophie returns home (someone is always returning home in these films) to look after her Grandma, David lives next door to Grandma with his nephew Troy (there’s often a child involved as well). The spirit of Christmas is in full force, these two good looking people find each other, find love, find a family, find out how to celebrate Christmas properly. Standard Hallmark fare but also a lovely watch on a Sunday afternoon whilst the weather is rubbish outside.

Me and Shell googled Hallmark towns and are planning a Christmas tour of these type of towns later on when we have money to afford it. Hallmark I am hooked on your Hot Chocolately goodness. You are my first sign of Christmas approaching, when you start to land on Christmas 24.

The scale of 20 for normal films does not apply for Hallmark films, instead we have a Christmas Bauble scale and this one receives a big ole shiny bauble, not a little tree space filler.

Second Act (2018) – Comedy, Drama, Romance – Amazon Prime

So, it was Sunday afternoon and we wanted something easy to watch, Jennifer Lopez comedies are normally a nice easy watch. And the first half was standard fair, she wanted the high-powered job but did not have the qualifications or the experience for it, so her nephew, applied for a job for her, created a fabricated backstory and she got the job. We then had her up against Vanessa Hudgens as the boss’s daughter (Treat Williams) who is also a high-powered exec. They go against each other to try and create a natural facial cream. They have a snarky assistant, an out to get our hero male exec and comedy side-kicks in the PA and downtrodden scientist(actually these two are brilliant and provide the comedy).

However, the second part then goes horribly wrong and they throw in a completely not-needed story which intertwines the characters lives and the message goes from, if you lie you can get the job you want to a much more serious and screwed up one.

Not a comedy, no romance and the drama is forced. One for the bargain bin. A 6/20(just because of the two comedy sidekicks) and remember falsifying your CV and you are all good!

Mr. Right (2015) – Action, Romance, Comedy - Netflix

Not sure that I whole-heartedly agree with the three words IMDB use to describe this film. Sam Rockwell plays a hitman who is going through a bit of an existential crisis about his life, think Martin Blank but less cool and more annoying. Anna Kendrick plays Anna Kendrick but slightly more annoying and hyper. They fall for each other, even though he is obviously mental and wrong un and slowly she starts to change to become more emotionally disturbed than he is. I mean, she makes a freaking great psycho, absolutely scary as you like, I could see her in a future remake of Single White Female. Oh yeah and Tim Roth pops up to growl his way through his scenes and generally play as Tim Roth. So, we have Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick and Tim Roth playing versions of themselves but irritating versions. I am being harsh because I like all three as actors, but this film did not work as whole for me. It had its moments of comedy and a bit of action that ramped up the excitement levels, but I am not surprised that this one passed me by on the first go around. A watch it only if you are obsessed with one of these actors 8/20 from someone who is still slightly scared by Miss Kendrick’s character.

Note: I am well aware that there is a lot of Romance labelled films this weekend, but hey I am a softy at heart! However, to be fair, one was a romance film, but it is a Hallmark film, so it has to be, one was rubbish, one had no romance even though it said it did and the other was Guardians!

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