Groan Ups or 'The Lives That Go Wrong'.

Groan Ups – Vaudeville Theatre

The Mischief Theatre Company start their one year residential at The Vaudeville Theatre with their new play Groan Ups.

The story follows five ‘friends’ through Year 2, Year 9 and then School Reunion, it all takes place in an ever-developing Year 2 classroom and the extra star of the show is a rather unfortunate hamster.

As always Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, Henry Shields, Charlie Russell, Nancy Zamit are superb. Bryony Corrigan steals the show whenever she appears, and Dave Hearn has slightly less to do on stage this time but is bliming brilliant when he is.

I am completely biased when it comes to this theatre company as I have loved everything they have done, though their Lights! Camera! Improvise! Is probably the funniest thing I have ever seen.

The actors/actresses have great fun behaving a super extreme 7-year olds, super obnoxious 14 years old and super screwed 30-year olds.

However, the last 20 minutes is also the most serious I have ever seen them as well. A real Ying and Yang for the first 1 hour and 40 minutes. They are as always at their funniest when involved in physical comedy, Henry Lewis and the Hamsters is class, Dave Hearn and his Walrus is not only funny but also looks hard work and Bryony Corrigan and her speech is perfect blend of physical comedy and great timing. Both Charlie Russell and Henry Shields really flex their acting chops as well as their comedy ones and make their characters sympathetic even with what they do to others, Nancy Zamit is brilliantly horrible and Jonathan Sayer takes his geeky sadness turn to new levels even when he is a ‘knob’!

Thank you for making Shell’s birthday night out great fun and we look forward to seeing you at ‘Magic Goes Wrong’ and on the BBC for you TV Series(which I had the opportunity to go and see filmed but was unfortunately teaching my Year 6 class at the time and unlike Miss Murray, I won’t leave them alone!

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