Great vehicles, shame about the pilots!

Alphabet Squadron - Alexander Freed

The New Republic are in the ascendancy and after The Battle of Endor, the Empire is scattered with factions trying to take control or to follow the Emperors final instructions.

For Yrica Quell, that isn’t her problem anymore, she is a defector and one that is trying to get back into the cockpit. Luckily for her, well if you can call it lucky, Caern Adan a New Republic Spy Master needs some ex-imperial help. This man is really on the wrong side, every thing about him screams Imperial! Whilst Quell is not exactly the ideal Rebel, she’s more interested in flying. But they are joined by a crack team, actually no they’re not. There’s Nath Tensent, another ex-Imperial, who is generally only concerned about himself, even when he cares for others, they are still well below him on his agenda. Wyl Lark, an idealistic and excellent pilot, to be fair he’s a pretty good addition to any team, except he has some serious home issues. Chass na Chadic another rebel pilot, who loves her music, and is pretty much suicidal other than that! Finally there is Kairos, we don’t know much about Kairos, except she’s homicidal and non-communicative. And here in lies my problem, I really don’t care for the team they have assembled, I am fully aware that the idea is that this is a team of misfits and they aren’t meant to be your team of clean cut heroes, but in the Star Wars Universe I love, even the most irascible pilot has redeeming qualities, for these lot it is difficult to root for them rather than hope they get self-imploding over with!

However, it is a fine Star Wars story, the action is fast paced and incredibly descriptive, the tale is well-crafted and adds elements of danger and new worlds to this Universe. The Commanding Officer – General Syndulla will earn her place alongside Admiral Ackbar and General Crix Madine. The idea behind the name of Alphabet Squadron’s name and make-up is excellent and brings together some of the finest and most iconic vehicles. If you love the Star Wars Universe you will enjoy this story. I enjoyed this story, I just didn’t care about the characters, except for Syndulla and Wyl and that is so important for me when reading. I will read the next book, this is one out of three, but am really hoping that everyone goes on a bit more of a personality journey in the next one.

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