Great Books, Christmas Films and a big pile of It!

Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire’s End

The final book in 'The Aftermath' series. And the New Republic is on the offensive against the Gallius Rax's Empire, an Empire more warped than before but with Palpatine's stench all over it!

Sloane is out for revenge, so in Brentin, Norra is also out for revenge. It is a pretty revenge-based book! Wedge has a whole lot of nothing to do. Temmin starts to grow up, Jas finds her path, Sinjir finds his calling, Jom finds his way back to the military and Bones, well Bones is just freaking awesome!

The story ties up all the loose ends and leaves the characters who survive tales open for future authors to grab onto.

A fitting end for an excellent series.

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding – Netflix

So, I have finally given in and am now watching Christmas films in November. Shell’s influence has won through. Netflix are releasing the Third Film in the series – The Royal Baby this year. So, in fact knowing that, you can probably tell that through all the problems, hijinks, miscommunication, rehabilitation of Simon and wedding in peril, it is all going to work out in the end and Christmas will be celebrated. And you know what – fantastic, that is what you want from a Christmas film. It is not going to win any Oscars, the first half hour annoyed me, but in the end, it is a nice, warm-hearted Christmas film with a feel-good factor throughout. Settle down and get Christmassy!

Darkest Reach - ‘The Infinity’s End Saga’ – Book Three

The third book in 'The Infinity's End' saga and Caspian is back and his links to the Coalition are becoming stronger, unfortunately that means, his links to Evie are under a strain.

The mission to the outskirts of Coalition space has begun and Zenfor the Sil is onboard for hijinks and fun or at least to try and help whilst also trying to figure out how the human minds works.

Caspian is struggling with his role in this mission and in the universe as a whole.

Evie has her own family issues and issues with Caspian's role in the universe (she is a lot more involved in this book, so I am a very happy reader) and Box, well Box is actually in a very good place. Long may it last.

However, all of these personal problems or successes cannot last for long as no mission is ever going to go smoothly, well it would be a very short book if it did! A multi-dimensional creature with a history of space piracy (a very simple definition of what is actually going on) means the main mission is put on hold.

We lose a few characters, characters who had great potential and who made an impact in the time they were given. Gutted for at least one hotshot (if you read it you know and are Gripped by the character). And the universe Cas inhabits gets that little bit bigger.

Will Journey's End actually be the end - well we know it won't because Mr Warren is on 8 books in the series and counting. But it might be the end for someone or something, time to get my read on!

Note: Just checked and the next book is called Journey's Edge, but that does not fit in with my last paragraph, so I will just apologise for the misreading and leave my comment there for my own enjoyment.

The Burning Land – Bernard Cornwell – The Saxon Stories #5

Uthred marches on, and he marches on into another world of hurt and problems. Yet again the story starts with Uthred gaining a victory for Alfred and yet again it moves onto Alfred being a d@ck to Uthred. The rest of the story is split between Uthred and his first taste of freedom from the heel of Alfred's oath and the second part links Uthred to his oath to Aethelflaed. This poor man's life is ruled by paths, you'd think he'd stop making them to be honest!

And Uthred being Uthred, he loses love and falls in love in at last twice in four hundred pages. Bliming heck these Norsemen really did live for the moment!

Bonus Round

It – 2017 – Horror

Lauded by many as a superb adaptation of Stephen King’s book, a film which horrifies and shocks in equal measure. Condemned by me as a big pile of poop!

I am not horror fan, mainly because I am a wuss with an over-active imagination and to be fair the first scene in this film, had me going – ‘Well that is completely screwed up’ but the rest of it did not raise a hackle and the only shivers was because it is unseasonably cold in November this year. Well-acted by the young cast who hopefully have great careers ahead of them, but I have had hangovers which are scarier. Still going to watch the second one though. Firstly, because the adult cast are superb and secondly because I want a laugh!

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