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Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Ready or Not (2019) – Comedy, Mystery, Horror

The Le Domas’ have an interesting family history, their ancestor made a deal with a man named Le Bail(French for a Lease if you want a bit of trivia and Le Domas means thought – my Google translate is working overtime today), their family fortune developed from that moment, however, as with all dodgy deals with people you don’t know who promise you riches, there is a catch! Every time one of the family marries, they all sit around and the new Le Domas, selects a card with a game on it.

Now this card selection, often leads to fin and games and a wedding night to remember, however, ever so often someone pulls out the ‘Hide and Seek’ card and then what should be for the happy couple a night to remember, becomes a night one part will never forget and the other part, well they won’t have the chance to forget!

And to this warped family, comes Grace (Samara Weaving), the new wife of Alex (Mark O’Brien), poor Grace, selects the one card that causes problems and the fun and games begin. To be honest, most of the family take more than a little bit of enjoyment from hunting the poor woman and taking pot shots at her. However, she does have the occasional bit of help from some unlikely quarters.

Samara Weaving is superb as Grace, portraying her fear, shock and ultimately her feck you attitude. She is the heroine you root for and you quickly turn against the family to support her. Adam Brody as alcoholic brother Daniel is fantastic and his vulnerability and torn relationships are a nice contrast to his bloodthirsty wife Charity (Elyse Levesque), who you cannot help but feel, if she pulled the Hide and Seek card, things would’ve been a whole lot bloodier, a whole lot quicker and brother in law Bradley (Kristian Bruun) who loves the family money but is a little bit more choosy and his instrument of death. Both Miss Levesque and Mr Bruun create very fun and watchable characters who add to the horror and fun. You also have Andie MacDowell, as the matriarch of the family who just wants to protect her brood.

The film is fast, fun and bloody, you really wouldn’t want to be a maid at this party – the tips you receive are on the end of a crossbow blot! There are a few queasy moments, a nail at the top of a ladder springs to mind and there’s some awesome death scenes. A really fresh idea as well, which in the time of remakes and sequels is really refreshing, a hide behind your hands and count to 17/20.

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