Good Morning Angels

Charlie’s Angels (2019) – Action, Adventure, Comedy

In the film industry today, it seems that every film is up for a remake or a sequel, Charlie’s Angels was always going to be on the list, the films with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Lui were hugely successful and starred some of the early 2000s film powerhouses. This version doesn’t have that kind of star power behind it, so hasn’t received the publicity of the previous incantations.

The film follows a very successful Angels scheme, monitored by Bosley – Patrick Stewart and his mini-Bosleys, first and foremost is Eliizabeth Banks who has also written and directed this film. Their primary team of Angels are up against it, as there is espionage, treachery, fights and fun. You get what you expect from a Charlie’s Angels film, bright colourful nonsense full of exceedingly unlikely action sequences and improbable plot points, but it is enjoyable fun.

Patrick Stewart is also good value for money and Elizabeth Banks has her trade mark snidely funny hint to her Bosley but also shows what a talented director and writer she is. As for the Angels themselves well you have Kristen Stewart, as previously mentioned in my review of Underwater, I’ve never been a big fan, but she is growing on me, she’s not a great action star but is definitely showing potential and she is energetically likeable in this as the livewire Angel. Naomi Scott is brainy Angel and is an actress who is building up a good resume and is showing she can turn her hand to different types of film and has come a long way since Terra Nova. Finally, there is Ella Balinska as Ninja Angel. She is the standout performer for me, hopefully she’ll should have a very good career as an action star.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there is plenty in this film which will have people face palming or whinging about, but if you take it for a film that is there to entertain and to be bright and silly in its action and its plot, then you’ll have an enjoyable couple of hours. A fun 13/20 for this remake, its not going to worry fans of the 2000 but has little links to that film and the TV series as well as modern day culture icons to bring a smile to your face.

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