“Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him, he's warm for the rest of his life"

I LOVE TERRY PRATCHETT! I have done since I chose to write about two of his books for GCSE English - The Dark Side of the Moon and Strata if you're interested! Thank you Bruce(my brother) for recommending him to me.

Since then I have read pretty much everything he ever wrote, despaired at some of the TV productions, gone to see Amateur dramatic companies put of his books, with mixed success, saw the man himself in the flesh talk about his writing and mourned his passing. My bookmark is engraved with the quote from the great man - 'Stories of Imagination tend to upset those without one' - thank you Shell!

I've decided I'm going to read them all again, but in no real particular order, so I started with a story about the Guards, my favourite selection of characters. I remember reading this whilst going to work in London, laughing on the train and having people look at me oddly, whilst others gave me that knowing wink, you only get from a Pratchett fan. I had the same reaction and Shell would look at me with a mixture of confusion and enjoyment at my enjoyment.

There's no two ways about it, this book is hysterical, there are moments throughout you will find yourself laughing at, not a chortle or a chuckle(though there are plenty of those) but a full on belly laugh.

Ankh Morpork is at war with Klatch and sides have been chosen, the whistle blown and the full 90 minutes is under way(you'l get the reference if you've read it). But beyond the humour this creates, the way Mr Pratchett weaves in people's idiotic approach to casual racism is so relevant,especially in today's world, and how certain elements of society think of themselves above others. He makes you stop and think and he takes our world and twists it into Ankh society. But doesn't shove it down your throat, he makes you think and makes you laugh at the people who think like that!

Vimes is at his most honourable and investigative best, Carrot has a whole world to mold in his vision of life, even if he doesn't know he's doing it. Angua is wolfishly cool and the perfect foil for Carrot, he knowing looks jump out the page at you. Colon and Nobby find their special qualities and a very odd connection with some locals. Detritus has moments of extreme dumbness and extreme intelligence but throughout is the lovable walking crossbow we all know. Cheery is the medical assistant from every police drama, a vital part of the team and Reg is falling apart but still swinging!

We also meet 71 hour Ahmed, who exemplifies and ridicules all stereotypes you can think of, and Leonard of Quirm, who may or may not be based on a certain inventor/painter we all know.

I love this!

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