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The Rookie – Scott Sigler – Galactic Football League – Book One Growing up I loved American Football, it was something my brother Bruce got me into, I feel away from the sport quite a few years back, however, this year I have found my love of it again (Just a heads up if you’re American and reading this, I’m from England and it was a huge thing in the 1980s when Channel 4 starting showing the NFL!). As you can probably tell from previous reading, that I love Sci-Fi as well, so a while ago I set out to find a fiction book based on American Football and stumbled across The Rookie. At its most base level it is the story of the Ioneth Krakens a football team spanning multiple species, Humans, Ki, Quyth and Sklorno, in an universe ruled by the Creterakian, a race who rule over the humans and many other species.

The story follows Rookie Quarter Back Quentin Barnes, who is making the step up from the local leagues(The Purist Nation - Tier Three) to a more Galactic standard(Tier Two), he is the main man in his old team and has to adjust to being a small fish in a big pond, he is pretty arrogant and not very likeable for a lot of the story. With him, is the elder statesman and starting QB – Donald Pine, Tough as nails Line-backer John Tweedy, Purist Nation Tight End Rick Warburg and Running Back and super player Mitchell Fayed. Among the Alien races, you have Ki’s – Kill-O-Yowet and Mum-O-Killwe, Quyth’s – Virak the Mean and Choto the Bright and Sklorno’s – Hawick, Denver and Milford. As you’d expect throughout the book, you get plenty of on-field action, lots of technical terms, I didn’t really understand and plenty of alien on alien bashing.

What I didn’t expect was a story deep-rooted in gang business, religious fervour and racial hatred (One Planet is called The Purist Nation – that should give you a clue!). This takes a run of the mill aliens applying sport and creates a multi-layered world with a lot of aliens playing sport.

I have really enjoyed following this team in their first season together and look forward to their next adventures in The Starter.

If you don’t enjoy Sci-Fi or American Football, then give this a swerve, if you enjoy either, it is worth picking up. Roll on Tier One football season!

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