Earth Alone or Starship Colonial Marines

Earth Alone – Daniel Arenson – #1 in the Earthrise series

I have had this on my kindle since I read Daniel Arenson’s Alien Hunters series, which I absolutely loved. So, thought I’d delve into what is a Twelve Book series. Earth is in conflict with the ‘Scum’, centipede type creatures capable of space travel and much more advance in both Science and Technology than Earth. Since The Cataclysm, the HDF (Human Defence Force) enlists 18 years old to serve five years, well if they survive that long! The story follows Marco and his friend/adopted sister Addy and their fellows recruits, Elvis, Beast, Lailani, Caveman and asswipe Pinky as well as their young officers, Ensign Ben-Ari, Sargent Singh, Corporals Diaz and St-Pierre. There are a bunch of other recruits with similar nicknames, Sherriff and Jackass to name but two, but they are more there for Scum food than character development.

Mr Arenson obviously loves his sci-fi and as well as modern culture as he references little bits to keep you smiling throughout – though how these 18 years-olds, decades from now know about Doctor Who and Charles Dickens is beyond me as the children I teach today barely register an interest in these! Like many people I can’t help but compare this to Starship Troopers, I mean Bugs V Scum(which are big bugs), things being thrown through space, teenagers training to be soldiers, a girlfriend going off to be a pilot, a big dumb friend, a female recruit who is a love interest, hard as nails officers, an attack on earth whilst they’re training. It is all every similar. There are also elements of Full Metal Jacket and Aliens in here as well, pretty much every Sci-Fi or War Movie that if you enjoyed watching films in the 80s and 90s you will recognise.

But you know what, I don’t care, I enjoyed it, it an easy Sci-Fi read, full of soldiers, guns, aliens, explosions, friendships and gory ending. Just don’t get too attached to any of the characters as I doubt many are going to make twelve books! I wonder how long it will take me to find out who gets it in which book!

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