Doomed, Doomed, We're all Doomed!

Doom: Annihilation (2019) – Action, Sci-Fi, Horror

So, if you know the computer game at all, then you know what to expect here. You’re going to have zombie like creatures, demons, marines with big guns, civilians who are going to get munched and expendable soldiers. And you get all of that!

A scientific outpost is conducting experiments in paces where they don’t belong and surprise, surprise things take a turn for the worst for the men and women in lab coats. Luckily for them a team of UAC Marines are on their way to drop off another scientist, talk about shocking timing for the marines! And worst first day on the job for scientist ever!

Now, most times you watch a film when you know that most of the supporting cast are going to be fodder for some nasty, they don’t really distinguish the characters or how they look. How many times have you seen soldiers die a grizzly death but not know or care which one has bitten the big one? Doom: Annihilation gets bonus points for making their Marines look and sound different and giving each one their own individual death scene. As a huge fan of the film Aliens, I always fall a little bit in love with films with a group of Marines who are going to die horribly! It reminds me of Hudson, Vasquez, Frost, Crowe and Dietrich et al. First up with have Amy Manson’s Lt Dark, a disgraced marine whose teammates are not happy she is on this mission still. She’s our main character and can kick some serious behind! Her boss is James Weber Brown’s Captain Savage, a tough as nails leader, who you just know is not needed as you have Lt Dark to take over. Luke Allen-Gale is the new scientist Dr Stone, who has a history with Lt Dark, well that doesn’t bode well for him! Some of the individual marines include, Nina Bergman’s Private Carley, a shaven headed blond career soldier who is very much in the Vasquez mould, Gavin Brocker’s Sergeant Harry, a much nicer Marine than most who makes a connection with the a surviving Chaplain played by My Big Fat Greek Wedding Louis Mandylor. You’ve got Jemma Moore’s Private Li, a young cocky trooper who is far too inquisitive and Clayton Adams Private Winslow, a loudmouth but ultimately all mouth Australian. Completing the squad is the grizzled Captain Tarek(Arkie Reece), the big gun carrying Sergeant Akua(Chidi Ajufo ), the big beard wearing (Amer Chadha-Patel ) Private Rance. So, thank you Tony Giglio for writing and directing each character with their own personality and their own moment in the blood and gore, for someone like me who loves characters and enjoys films based on the characters it makes a huge difference. Anyway, so we have a bunch of marines and a few surviving scientists, we have zombies and demons, throw into the mix Dominic Mafham’s slightly obsessed Dr Betruger who has his own motives and you have an action filled shoot them up, just like the games. I much preferred this version than the one with Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban, this was more fun, so if you want to shut down for 90 minutes and just enjoy people running around and guessing who is going to get mauled next, then give this a go. An enjoyable 14/20 from me.

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