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Sputnik (2020) –Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi Hopefully you’ve been able to tell from the title of this film that it is a Russian film about the lone survivor of a a returning spaceship and what he brought back with him. It focuses on Konstantin – the aforementioned survivor and the hell he is going through and Tatyana Kilmova the neurophysiologist who has been coerced to help Colonel Semiradov figure out what is going on. It is set in Cold War era Russia with all the political issues of that time, secrecy, power and the hope of an alien lifeform to gain more power – obviously! There is back-stabbing, secrets, alien being thrown up, prisoners whose fates are certainly worse that a term in jail and soldiers who are being lined up for gruesome deaths. This film had so much potential and unfortunately it didn’t live up to all it could be, there were moments of tenseness, moments of turn from the screen gore but I cannot help but feel this story could’ve been something special in the Sci-Fi genre, but very much like many things in Russia in the 1980’s there was a controlling factor to it.

On the plus side, Oksana Akinshina as Kilmova was fantastic, combining intenseness with the need to help, but again she could’ve been a Ripley type character if given the chance. Just a heads up, that it is filmed in Russian but out of everything don’t let that put you off, I’m glad it wasn’t dubbed over as this added to the overall intensity of the film, being British it added to the reality of the film, obviously if you were Russian it wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to you! It was an enjoyable watch with a great idea for story but could’ve been so much more. A Sputnik 11/20 launch from me.

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