Did you know Postmen came before Father Christmas?

Klaus (2019) –Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Klaus tells AN origin story of Father Christmas, involving a post man, a selfish start, a woodsman, a loss, a teacher (Yay for teachers!) without a class, a village in turmoil for centuries, a family on the outskirts and how it all comes together to make the world a better place.

The cast are not your usual animation names and that adds to the characters and the story, Rashida Jones, J.K Simmons and Joan Cusack are all fantastic actors who I’d much rather listen to than some of the so-called Hollywood A-List. Not that they are not successful actors and actresses in their own rights, but they have the ability to make you forget them as we know them and to bring the characters to life. Jason Schwartsman is Jesper, the main man (well main Postman) and though he sometimes sounds like Ryan Reynolds, he manages to take the character from dislikeable layabout to hero in a smooth transition.

With the message, that a simple acts of kindness sparks another, this is a lovely little Christmas film, with a good heart, some nice humour and a film that the whole family will enjoy watching together. A brings a smile to your face 14/20.

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