Daughter: Can people see Wonder Woman inside her invisible plane? Me: It's not entirely clear.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) –Action, Adventure, Fantasy

For Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman, the world has gone round the Sun forty odd times is she now working at the Smithsonian Museum, she also looks exactly the same, with the blessed Amazonian anti-aging genes. Other than that, she is out and about helping out. Putting perry criminals to the long lasso of the law.

As the title suggests, it is now 1984 and bliming heck does this film get the 80’s spot on. From the outset of Diana’s current life (we do have a flashback to a little Diana at the start), you get blasted with neon, leggings, Miami Vice collars and illuminous socks. WW84 gets the 80’s exactly right and unfortunately that’s where it stops getting things exactly right.

Let me say, firstly, it is not a bad film, it is an enjoyable film, it has all the fun elements of a Wonder Woman film and Gal Gadot is DC’s shining light and a beacon for young girls everywhere. She is a superb as Wonder Woman and the film has lots of action and fun and bright sequences. But it just doesn’t gel as well as the first film and I put that down to two reasons. Firstly, Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor. I’m not going to go into how as that is an integral part of the plot and Diana’s journey. But that is also the problem. Why did she need to have this journey with the love of her life? He was a great character and Chris Pine will always be a fantastic actor, but the character completed his arc in the first film, his sacrifice meant so much and set Wonder Woman on her path as a hero, I think it’s lazy to have him back again. Secondly, Kristen Wiig pops up as the mild-mannered zoologist Barbara Minerva, who through no fault of her own get tricked by Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord and goes all catty (literally). Pedro Pascal’s intentions and reasons for wanting the Dreamstone are all a bit contrived and Barbara though now physically a challenge for Wonder Woman is again a bit of a tick box villain.

So, we have at least four great actors, lots of 80’s fun, lasso’s and claws, action sequences and heart-rending moments, journey’s and endings and new beginnings. Like I said, not a bad film but it just didn’t work for me (or for a lot of people). I’m hoping the next outing just focuses on Wonder Woman being Wonder Woman. A watchable but not great 12/20.

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